Thursday, March 29, 2007

The 4 "B"s..

If i am not mistaken, i read somewhere in the newspapers that one of the ministers said the 4 Bs are stopping people from making more money once they reached their first million..basically satisfied with life at that point and he urged people to go on and challenge them to make their first billion..maybe thus another 'B'..but the funny thing is i have never heard of the term 4Bs..Yes i have heard the 5Cs..those were the days of the Singaporeans..

Cash..Condo..CreditCard..Car..Country Club..Some say certificate also..

But what are the 4 Bs..?? Beemer..Benz..Bungalow..Boat..

Sorry but i think thats just too funny..HAHA.. and we can do better than that..can you think of your own unique 4Bs??..i can only think of 2 atm..Bentley and Boeing..and thats what i want to achieve before i would stop..

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Tummythoz said...

*knock knock* can I pop in? Kind of quiet here but I bet it'll be crowded real soon!
Btw, real disappointed about how u look - where got pregnant person no bulging belly-1!