Friday, February 16, 2007

Tai Zhi Heen @ Prince Hotel Part 2

Guess what? I went to Prince Hotel again after all my saliva virtually went dry from convincing my father to try the slightly premium dim sum offered here. Why? Because currently Amex credit card users get a 15% or 20% discount on their ala carte dimsum..why not? He He..and now that i have gained alot of skin thus thick skin..i bravely took out my digicam and here are my rewards..the results are still the same..awesome and fusion halal dimsum..same rating same price..Have a look at yourself..Yum Yum..

Chicken version of Char Siu Sou (Chicken Puff) sitting on top of glutinous black rice.. Where else can you get such a combo man? And look at the plating..doesnt it remind you of fine dining?

I know it looks familiar..Har Kau (Prawn Dumpling)..notice the black spot on top of it? Guess what..its thats what you call fusion and classy..first time i tried such a combo

Siu Loong Pau..well i guess the chef only started to learn the arts of making soup inside but other then the contents was a gem

Fried radish cake..i guess this slightly lack some oomph..could be better with some prawns and some pig lard hahaha...

Mushroom dumplings..just complaints on this man..

A dish i described before..the unagi rolls..just so cutting edge and unique

Needs no introduction..chee cheong fun (rice rolls) not too thick till you are stuffed..just nice

If i told you this came out from some fancy western restaurant, you probably believe it..presenting the Onion Biscuit/Puff..very nice..i am so speechless..

With all fine dining you do need some staple food to make your stomach filling so presenting to you the smooth bowl of fish porridge..

To all those AMEX users, try googling for the contact numbers and ask if the promotion is still on, because its definitely worth a visit..Signing off..Argh too much cravings = fat..but who cares right?

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