Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Restaurant PJ Seafood @ Tropicana thereabouts

My gang of food lovers joined up for a Saturday feast in this huge ass restaurant on a rainy nite..Right now i m not in the mood to give you a long let the pictures do the talking and i will just run you through the ambience, tastes and prices...oK? you can always put your comments and i will actually take the effort to amend it as well...criticise me if you want..bcoz i dun really care..muahaha...

oK..firstly this place was fully packed..including the car park that could probably swallow at the very least around 40-50 cars..and i had to park way outside on the yellow lines...imagine how big and packed it was..Now this is a no frill seafood restaurant with the bare minimum..tables and chairs and a very slippery floor..fishes are in pools and tanks..Now what about the taste? Lets find out..

The best of the best..the Claypot Butter Crabs @ 2kgs for RM 54..Dirt Cheap rite? Creamy and thick just the way i liked it..Accompanied with deep fried buns (pics below)...Honestly this is the first place and time to try out this its a really yummy one..

Champagne Pork Ribs meaning non-halal...Dunno what champange they used..definitely not Moet n Chandon..The meat was fatty..and had a sweet taste to it..depending on how healthy you eat..its a pretty sinful dish..

A cleansing dish the abalone sauce taufu..Home made i reckon..again with a rice sauce to drizzle all over your rice...mmmm...

Coconuts Prawns..this was serve with a tom yum sauce..the prawns were fresh and crunchy although the bowl on your left sorts of defeats the purpose because there was not enough space to stuff the prawns into the coconut...

Kam heong lala..honestly..didnt like it..had a very heavy aftertaste of curry powder..

The fried if you want to comment about the order of my pics..just want to tell u i dun give a shit..haha..yes i asked you for comments but..ok..back to buns..sinful again..but suits the butter sauce..

Supposedly the first dish..but the last picture..muahahah..the yee sang..its a variety of fruit slices..colour crackers..vege as well? with some oil, sweet sauce and this one was with salmon that looked like there were rotten..Tasted oK..

The midst of action..

Final bill for 7 was 231.60? The number gave the guys an buy 4D..the result..2136? correct me if i m wrong..but conclusion? they didnt buy the number...stupid...and its pretty cheap for 7 as well...with the ups and downs the rating i give them is a solid 7 out of 10..The End..


niki said...

aww man.. i always go pass this restaurant and told myself that i shud go try.
but its not halal.

any ideas on where i can find good butter crabs around the pj area apart from fatty crab & lala chong?

Anonymous said...

You have got to see this. Obama playing on XBox. Funniest video ever.

Anonymous said...

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