Thursday, February 8, 2007

Recipe: UniDon (aka Sea Urchin Sushi Rice)

I know..I know.. I have diversified from food reviews to procrastination issues and even random crap that i have posted recently.. I promised this will be the last time, presenting Recipes! which is probably a one off..

So here is the recipe and credit be given to Michael Au specialising in about any cuisine that exists in the world and hailing from the kingdom of cuisine, Hong Kong.. [btw hes no special chef just a very passionate hobby]

So what do you need? for 4 servings

2 kgs of fresh sea urchin [We bought ours in the Central Market of Adelaide at 14 Aus a kg)
3 packets of instant sushi rice either korean or japanese [available from any Japanese or Korean speciality stores]
Soya sauce for tasting (preferably Japanese)
Wasabi (for the extra kick)

Man i m laughing as i type this as a fellow giving out a recipe..muahaha..but nevermind lets continue..

This simple dish requires not too much cooking except for some interaction with the microwave oven. First of all, using a glove to hold the sea urchin and a pair of scissors, cut open the urchin through the middle and spoon out the sea urchin, beware of all the goey black stuff..clean thoroughly and put in fridge to cool.

Secondly, nuke the rice according to the instructions given on the packet. Roughly 2 minutes. Cool the rice down by putting it in the freezer for 10 minutes. Combine all the rice into a big bowl and mix half the sea urchin together with some soya sauce thoroughly. Spoon into small separate bowls. Top it up with more sea urchin at the top. Finally add soya sauce according to taste buds and abit of wasabi for the extra kick..Voila..

I apologise for the photos taken, mainly because we were just too mesmerized with the food and the aroma of the exotic seafood that is normally out of our range if we eat it here in Malaysia..But you get my point..

Muahahaha i have completed my first receipe post!!!! And oh yeah, its just damn bloody good, the rice is creamy with sea urchin and on top of the fresh sea urchin, its just fresh fresh and fresh!!

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