Friday, February 16, 2007

Random food @ Adelaide

Just some more pictures that i took with my handphone..yum yum..

The iced Dark Chocolate at the dessert place @ Glenelg..So thick and from good dark crap sugar rubbish

Prosciutto Pizza @ Amalfi..Just have a good look at the high quality ham..omg..its so good (non-halal) and none of that crap mashed up organs rubbish ham we get at the supermarket..this is the real deal

Last but not least, a good old supper snack only available in Adelaid.. called ABs supposedly inspired from Abortions..Well it looks crap but it tastes damn fine..comprises of chips and lamb kebab meat and the sauce is a mixture of bbq, tomato and mint sauce..the best snack you can get if you want a quick dose of grease to prevent that hangover

Thats it for now..but stay i loaded up all the you will get to see so long promised reviews real soon..Happy Chinese New Year to those who celebrate and happy holidays to those who deserve that holiday.

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Anonymous said...

heyy can i know where you got that AB?