Tuesday, February 6, 2007

A random crapping post about Adelaide..

It seems so long and yet so short..that my trip in Adelaide is finally coming to an end. Have i fulfilled my craving for that 600gm T bone steak? Nope..damnit. but i did eat a sirloin and rib combo which was just as lovely as you can get. Where are the pics? People ask..screw the pics..my camera did not even come out from my backpack..wonder y i bothered..

So what do i want to crap about Adelaide? Throughout the 3 years i studied here, i crapped about it all the time, i compared it when i visited Melbourne and Sydney..it was way too small. the CBD is half the size of Melbourne..maybe smaller.. its like comparing KL and Ipoh..No offence to any people that comes from Ipoh..But..what can i say when i revisited this place this time round?

I felt like deja vu.. Just like a student again, getting all excited and blood pumping to start orientation and getting introduced to lots of new people and drinking heaps of alcohol. Sleeping back in my residential college, the life there felt so familiar yet so distant. And if i have to say it, i think i will miss Adelaide, i think i might have just felt in love with it all over again, sigh how i wish i will be here a couple days more.. Everything seems so near, and within walking distance..Everything is so well organised. You shop here, you eat here, you study here, and you walk to everywhere. You dont get rubbish traffic, you dont get rude people, n you dont work long hours here.. Sigh what rubbish is this..its been barely a year since i couldnt wait to get out of this place, and now i feel like going back and stay..Sigh dont you love the word, "contradiction"?

Or do i just want to go back to studying life again? Its again so contradicting when you first graduated and you couldnt bear to study a single textbook ever again, and now i cant wait to dig into my books again..my my.. Sigh i guess thats all for now.. probably i will get to all those outdated food reviews when i get back..and shit probably procrastinate more n more about how i will be suffering from withdrawal symptoms and my excitement as my next trip is bearly a month away...MUAHAHAHAHHA...my boss better not read this..i m already predicting bearly any bonus and probably a sack at the rate i m taking leave but.. if he knows all i m interested in doing is holiday and not work..i think i m screwed..

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hmm.. dude.. you dont work late...