Friday, February 23, 2007

Procrastination about the newspaper headlines..

Its the time of the week again, to procrastinate..friday afternoon just after lunch, when you are your most vulnerable..your head is nodding off and the workload may strike anytime now..although very i shall give my 2 cents regarding the headlines of the past week or so..Drums roll...

1st topic..its been talked before and i have read before ..chastity belts..for god sake who in the world thinks they are still staying in the medieval days man..and to be honest with you..i had no idea how it looked like till i checked it out on wikipedia..but even looking at their diagrams..i still got no idea how one can pee and shit in peace without unlocking the damn thing..secondly..who should wear the damn belt..the guys or the be honest..if you were to implement the damn thing..i be the first to leave the i dont give a shit..i mean as the saying goes..theres a will theres a wont stop the rapist from taking a nice pair of clippers to clip the damn lock away from his or hers..would it? So omg..i really cant believe the idea..instead why dont u create awareness by introducing loud alarms in the girl's handbag..esp those of a car? so that way if the guy comes near..both of you prob be deaf haha..or..pepper spray? i think those would be better ideas..but i still think the best idea despite how you want to disapprove is..castration as a punishment for all the rapists..end of first topic

2nd topic..nudie pics taken with handphone all the girls out there..the only solution is like the saying goes "tit for tat" want to take mine..i want to take urs too..esp if his brudder is damn small..that way you may be scarred for life..but he wont be able to get a fuck for life..muahahah...but i guess theres more to lose for girls..i mean as a guy myself its alr hard for me to face if my gf nude pictures are available for public can u imagine the girl? but all i got to say is..just think of the consequences..its so easy..reveal to someone and you will expect it to be revealed to everyone..

3rd topic..i really cant think of anything else to write..oh yeah..the Mat Skudeng..or Skodeng..those spies who spy on couples doing their thing..i reckon after they have informed the should arrest this people because they are just pure perverts..who in the right mind would hide under the bushes and feed the mosquitos waiting for a couple to lets say kiss? and by the time they call the authorities..the couple probably had the brains to go back home and continue right? so isnt such a useless scheme? And to all those couples..i know its more adventurous to do those kinda things outside in public.. but come on guys..just pay abit of cash n get a room..that way you can do anything in the world with your girl and no one will know..perhaps this might create a demand for cheap hotels?

I guess thats it for now..maybe another entry on work..and till next time..the procrastinator who just craves to procrastinate and eat...muahahah


Lilia Edlina said...

hmm.. very informative. cant help it but to notice that all the above to some extend, very much centered around that one issue :D

Aya said...

i like the way you write and think. please continue to blog. thanks!!

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