Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Life kinda sux...Does it?

Just when you thought there are no miracles in the world, especially i just did my online CA quiz..8 MCQs in 20 minutes...how wrong can you get? I mean for one..i knew shit about the 110 pages i read through..two..there were replicates questions with diff facts n numbers..basically same theory but theory that i hadnt got a grasp on so there were half the questions i knew shit about...and three..the timer was nowhere to be seen and i thought i was going to run out of time and be marked a zero..the result..4 out of 8..i would wish for better because although i knew shit i actually put in the effort to highlight my way through 110 pages of crap..and two..the timer result was 11 mins when i thought i was near 19 mins..and three..i thought a miracle could happen to me just like the one Ruben had when he answered half the questions and got a 51 out of 100 for his paper..wtf..life aint fair..but if life aint fair then i wouldnt be heading to London this THURSDAY!!!..woohoo...but conclusion..life still sux because work is being piled on top of my head and squeezing its way out from my ears and i got a bloody assignment that i dont know how to do at all thats due on the 25 March..The End

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Lilia Edlina said...

couldnt agree more - life kinda sucks big time.. sigh.