Friday, February 16, 2007

Kiku Zakura @ Mid Valley

Situated on the same floor as the cinema, this place is the best for japanese food, forget Oh Sushi which is crap, and dont you dare mention Sushi King and Teppanyaki..well theres Gyu Ru Tei but i have yet to visit it so this is still technically the best place..

So following the trend of short and sweet posts because i have virtually turn into a Pig or Boar since it is year of the Pig/Boar anywayz..Have a look at the pictures..and since i loved the doubt i rate this pretty well 8.5 out of 10..and if you noticed the pictures have also gone in the opposite end..the appetizers are at the end and the main meals start 1st..well its called innovation or its called plain lazy depending how you look at it..i posted the 1st picture first so didnt realise that the pictures get pushed down..haha..getting out of topic..lets continue.

This was Dish of the day..A pot with some Konyaku, Egg and Fish cakes..clear

Should be familiar..Unadon..Solid dish

Forgot the Japanese name..pregnant fish..let the eggs ooze into your mouth when you bite in the middle

The sushi and udon set..sorry..didnt realise the camera didnt capture the sushi bit..plain but well i really had no idea why my sister ordered it..

Grilled squid with teriyaki sauce..good starter for a yum yum

My favourite dish of all time, Chirashi Sushi..assorted slices of raw fish accompanied with Sushi rice..sorry the best 1 i ever had is still in lovely hot Cairns

An interesting Maki..filled with bee hoon like noodles accompanied with crabstick and prawns..very unique..

California roll...simple yet rewarding..

Obviously my first picture

Well lets see, if i am not mistaken, this should be halal..didnt see any pork here..but u are never too sure till u i suggest you ask hehe..prices wise..its not cheap..i mean typical japanese prices..never have dinner sets starting from 20pls to almost 40pls..ala carte dishes depending on what you order can go to the hundreds for the big ass sashimi ship...i know my stuff is flying everywhere..but i am desperate to get some entries out before everyone abandon my hoo hoo..but guess what..theres almost 300 visits..quite impressed because i am sure not more then 20 people know about this blog..haha..well you know who you are guys..well have fun drooling over the pictures..till next then sayonara!


Anonymous said...

hi joe
i love japanese food and i frequented kiku zikura twice a week. Each visit, my bil totalled to almost rm300. I love salmon sashimi and each serving costs a lot. I love the restaurant and yes its worth the money spent...

I found a new restaurant that serves similar quality food, same quality sashimi but at a much cheaper price. I am now frequenting Don Sushi located in Carrefour Subang. A plate of sashimi only cost me rm9.90. Yes rm9.90 of the same quality as served in Kiku Zakura. Kiku used to sell it at rm39 a plate, then they raised the price to rm59. That was when i stopped going to Kiku. Now Don Sushi gave me the quality i wanted minus the crazy price. The salmon sliced thickly. Don Sushi also served nice Una Don, various Bento sets, shishamo etc.

Yes forget about Sushi King or sakae sushi, those are crap. Maybe someday u wanna give Don Sushi a try.

Anonymous said...

i still prefer kiku zakura XD!!
taste nicer!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info