Wednesday, February 14, 2007

I feel like General i suppose

I feel like procrastinating because my ass wouldnt get itself out of the seat to either a) work eventhough there is no work b) study but my materials are at home and it is too conspicious to take a big file to work with big words saying CA Financial Reporting... c) gymming eventhough i am feeling the heat with my slightly expanded the conclusion? Procrastinate aka kao peh in hokkien lor..

If it didnt make life easier..CNY is around the corner and my UK holiday trip is schedule in 1 March so i am not only on a holiday day mood..i virtually feel like a pig...

So what m i going to talk about..well lets start from study..I have just started my 1st self study course..which to say the least is just damn daunting because everything you read from the first page onwards states you should be familiar with the damn Australian standards which 1) is not applicable in Malaysia and 2) I have not looked nor done a proper set of accounts since i graduated in Dec 05.. so my 1st online test which supposedly gives u an idea how you will fare the rest of the course is due in two wish me luck..and wish me more luck for my assignment because i have no freaking idea what it is about and remember this is not free for all photocopying of that genius who gets perfect scores..

Continuing from work..have you ever heard of wishful thinking? Well i am currently in dreamland over this secondment position to Australia which in the first place offered to Consultants and above which basically means way out of my league..but i have looked and scrutinised the whole bunch and cant figure who will go..all of them are married..some have kids as they really such a cruel person to leave their husband/wife and kids in M'sia for a year? Anyways my ex manager asked me to go ask the partner if i could go..but like i say wishful thinking because i am not meant to know about this whole scheme..oh well..pushing the limits of wishful got it..

Hmmm what else am i suppose to blog about..yes..the overrated event of the year...Valentines..sorry to a country where everyone has the mind of a Chinese businessman (no pun intended although i m exactly like one) slaughtering is the main theme of the year.. Thankfully my gf is kind and understanding that we spent our V day dinner early on a Sat nite..peacefully with good food, no camera on her request, ala carte style..

There are meant to be many more topics to talk about..but i guess i just forgot as i am typing it out..and yes before everyone says it such a pity i am spending my time away procrastinating instead of food review blogging..dont worry i will try my best to load up those pics asap..its seriously been long overdue..

Well thats it for now..till next i really so old till i m forgetting what i m suppose to blog about barely 20mins ago??

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