Sunday, February 25, 2007

Dragon I @ Midvalley

This post must be overdue by months..i little introduction about this franchise of "lai mien" and "xiao long pao" that originated from China..My personal preference is the branch in 1 Utama, somehow the tastes seems stronger over complaints about this place..prices are ok i guess and the food is good..although earlier on i had the problem with consistency..

Fried rice with smoked salmon..Not very chinese but thats my brother who ordered..

Highly recommended honey somethin eel..

Lai Mian..Their noodles are just different from the cheap noodles we get in your normal coffeeshop..

Their signature siu long bao..

There were meant to be more pictures..cant seem to find it though..With the consistency problems solved according to newly found friend in UK whose family actually was the mastermind of these growing franchise..the siu long bao is guarenteed to have soup inside now..if not go ask them to get it changed!..well thats what he said..overall no bias because i know him this place still scores a respectable 7.5 out of 10 for me..and yes..its not halal..if you havent realise..other must try dishes include the smoky duck..the cold drunken chicken..any of their lai mian..the "wor tip"..ok..i think its too long since i wrote a review..i got no idea what to write..well like i soon as my internet at home works..i will upload my london pictures and review for you guys..stay tune..dont worry i know i love to give people false hopes..but it will come ;) ..

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Julian Si said...

Haha... was googling "dragon i midvalley" and voila ... an old post of yours was numero uno on the list.

Your photos have come a loooonnnng way mate ;-)

ps - Your friend from UK / propietor of the Dragon-i empire happens to have the initials "D.C", yup?