Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Dessert @ Glenelg

Churn and churn..thats what i m suppose to do..n i guess with the start of my studies, shit i m getting lazy..Well here is the second post relating my trip to Adelaide, courtesy of a free ride from my friend, Hooi Wen. Short and sweet , just like this entry, have a look at the mouth watering desserts!Sticky Date Pudding..

Belgian Waffles..

This place here sells top class chocolate drinks and everything that has chocolate content inside it, pictures that were not taken was the awesome ice chocolate made from belgian dark chocolate..yummy and if you drop by Adelaide, visit their most famous "tourist" beach, Glenelg, and depending on your luck you will probably find these place as you walk the main street.. Order down stairs and eat and drink upstairs..thats a big clue isnt? Enjoy..till next entry might take a while..


Lee Ping said...

My 3rd younger sister treated me to sticky date pudding when I visited Australia a couple of years ago. One bite and I fell in love; I am not even a fan of dates.

gninethree said...

Was this at Bracegirdles? :)