Friday, February 16, 2007

Delicious by Ms Read @ Bangsar Village

Delicious by Ms Read..Is it really that "delicious"?

Starting off with a Latte..Tastes complaints

Starting off with a lambshank pie..which is more of a sheperd pie version..with lots of mash potato on the top served with a side salad. At RM20++, the lambshank was of a decent size but still abit on the small side..the flavours were good and the potatoes were definitely of the category of "comfort food"

Continuing, with a olio pasta with grilled chicken..The pasta was lightly tossed with garlic and olive oil..light and tasty but the chicken although looked fine..had a very bad burnt after it the pan that they cooked it on perhaps?

Greedy us, continued with a french toast served with beef bacon and banana..I seriously dont know why the bacon is there in the first make the dish more expensive perhaps? A bit of a mixed up between sweet and savoury and definitely didnt look right.but the french toast albeit a bit small was soooo goood...the egg was soaked in the bread very well accompanied with the caramelized bananas..nice dish to finish it off of a good meal..

So there you have it..a short sweet review..deserved at least a 7.5 out of 10..taking points off ur burnt tasting chicken and the price aint cheap and pls take out the bacon from the french toast..but other then that..Delicious doesnt seem pretty far fetch to me..Good job


Jenny Sun Photography said...

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this is azra's place said...

holaaa... you should try Pavlova, one of the dessert, it is delicious, lurrrveee it!!!its comfort food really.....:)

J2Kfm said...

tried their Pavlova, was good, albeit a bit too sweet. But take together with the fresh?whipped cream, strawberry slices and chocolate chips, marvellous ...
their crumbles (peach+banana, apple etc) was nice n filling also.. all for around RM10 to RM12 only wo, not bad la ... :)
tag u in my blog, if u dun mind?