Sunday, February 25, 2007

Sugimoto @ Desa Sri Hartamas

My love for Japanese food strikes again as i head to another well known Japanese restaurant in Hartamas for their lunch menu!..This place is notoriously known for their expensive dinners that will burn not only a hole in your wallet but burn your wallet literally..exactly how bad? i have heard too many stories that i do not dare even walk near that restaurant at nite hehe..So what about lunch? Now we are talking, as i introduce you to a halal Japanese restaurant..Lunch bento sets starts from 14++ to 17++..depending whether you want 2 mains or 3 mains choosing from a choice of 20pls odd choices..take note at nite the price is almost 50++.. If you want to indulge in a lil bit of luxury there have the more luxurious sets at around 30++ serving favourite dishes like the Chirashi Sushi which is pictured below..Well so in a nutshell..its a decent 8.5 out of 10..and if you have more people call ahead and book for a room and also order your meals as well so you can avoid the wait during the peak lunch hours..the phone number?..let me check and i shall get back to you..And now..for the photos..enjoy!

My love of my life..Chirashi Sushi..comes with the udon below for onli 28++

Tastes like..udon!..Simple dish but i dunno why they couldnt give me an extra slice or two of fish instead of giving me carbs to inflate my spare tyre..

Sample lunch bento no 1..Unagi, sashimi and the usual assortments..comes with white rice or garlic rice..

Sample lunch bento set no 2..California rolls, stir fried beef and because my stupid screen is so dark and i cant be bothered fixing it..i leave you to guess the third dish..

Well thats all the photos i managed to snap..they have also an assortment of interesting the viagra 1..why the name? maybe the ingredients? or maybe its rock would i know..let you know when i order it..


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