Monday, January 15, 2007

Souled Out @ Desa Sri Hartamas

Yes i am back..with some old news..this happened a week ago at a famous joint in Hartamas..Souled Out..Always wondered the meaning behind the name of the it where you gain back your soul during the weekend? Or are they trying to imply they have "sold out" meaning the food is way too awesome to have any leftovers..Ponder ...Wonder..

So talking about this was sort of a backup plan anyways..we originally wanted to go to a place called Halia..Booked the place for Friday on Thursday..Forward friday..people were on MC..people needed to go shopping..people wanted to watch TV..and some poor people had to work..ended up our good friend Ruben decided to screw everyone that stood his way with his infamous Chinese swear words that sound Indian...btw hes Chindian..So on that stressful Friday, five of us ended up in Souled Out for some cheap Happy Hour drinks and some food..To you guys who made it..i will send you the pictures..unless i get authorisation to post up on the blog..hmm..maybe that might rake up my ratings a little...

If you noticed..the two pictures are essentially the picture taken of their Signature Grill Chicken Chop (RM19)..Now lets start the votes counting for the best picture..Noted there are two different angles and taken by two "sober" people..From then on..i shall then take pictures depending which angle wins..

Back to the chicken chop..Our friend who tried it said it was pretty good and by the looks of it..i wouldnt mind going again to give it a try

Next up, Butter Chicken (RM19) Comes with either "naan" which looks and tastes like pita bread or rice..Didnt count the pieces of chicken but definitely could do with more..but the filling sauce that accompanied the bread was very satisfying..But you know the beer and the hunger sorts of impact the reviewer strict standards..

Fried Calamari Rings (RM 12?) Oily but yummy especially with chilled Tiger Beer..(Not sponsored in any way) and courtesy of Joanne hand..this picture looks lovely..Doesnt it?

Another angle of the Butter Chicken..Vote about this too ok..although at this point, i really cant remember who took which picture..might be the same person, who knows?

Last picture taken before they all cam whored the camera, the carbonara chicken with spirali (RM 19)..For one, i always thought carbonara and fettucini were always came as a couple..just like Mickey and Minnie Mouse..this combo is sort of a screwed up couple like Mickey and Daisy get mouck..Back to the tastes..managed to sneak preview the pasta...pretty good sauce not too powering just subtle enough to finish the whole dish without spewing,,

All in all, if you are looking for some decent food and for 29++ a jug of beer during Happy Hours , do give it a try..its a quite a happening place and as for me, its just convenient because everyone knows where it is and its smack right in Hartamas, a place where i always want to be hehe..sounds lame but i abit rusty after a lack of blogging you know..

Rating: 7.5 out of 10..but as a friend once told me..the food maybe good or shit..but its the company that in that case, am i suppose to increase or decrease the rating? hahaha

Only thing to watch out might be the parking, especially on Friday nites..its crowded..By the way i didnt get a free jug of beer by posting this up...So if anyone from Souled Out sees this and you are happy with it..remember to give me my beer the next time i come ok hahahahaha..i think i "gila" already.

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