Sunday, January 14, 2007

Rojak @ Taman Midah

Rojak..its a Malay word that means "mixed"..but the ironic thing that i discovered is..there is no Malay rojak..infact to me there are only two different kinds of rojak..the chinese one..and the indian i present to you a chinese rojak thats nearby my house..which is CHERAS..
The Van that sells this awesome combination of fruits

When poured out in a plate..

A short introduction..Chinese rojak can be eaten pre-mixed by the old man that sells..but it looks dirty so we get it packed separately sauce,fruits and prawn crackers..The sauce that comes in it has a sweet texture but chili paste is added on if you want it lots of peanuts..the fruits we are talking about ranges from mango..papayas..cucumbers..chinese pears?..taugeh also got...

So for a short refreshing snack and if you are passing by Taman Midah..where all the shoplots as turn into Taman Midah..outside one of the Kodak shops..give it a try..comes in RM 3.50 and 4 packs..i think?

Well i really got no idea if its halal...really need to ask him because i got no idea what pot he uses to make his rojak sauce and if he uses non-halal ingredients..but i m sure there are places that will serve halal rojak..probably in shopping centres i suppose..

Well look out for more reviews this week...i got quite a few...the preview...drums roll...Souled Out @ Hartamas...Jimmy Place @ Connaught...DragonI @ Midvalley Megamall...if i am hardworking enough you probably get to read it soon enough..fingers crossed

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