Friday, January 12, 2007

Procrastination about Money @ Office

Procrastination time...its about probably a few minutes (own judgement) since i announced that i will start to procrastinate if i am not reviewing restaurants..So first topic: Money.

Our firm has a bi-weekly internet newsletter, so this issue title was Salary and Benefits Enhancements: 2007..which made me smile with glee as i clicked on the link waiting patiently like a small little boy waiting for candy while the man measures to make sure you only get the 100gm you paid for, 1 gm no more.

Then the thunder struck and the wind blew, the firm claims that last year increment and bonus was vastly improved. Eventhough it was pro-rata for me, it was miserable and hardly enough for my lifestyle, lets just say my lifestyle very hard to keep. Even worse was that there was mention of salary revision in January 2007 that kept my hopes up until they mentioned that it was only applicable to our Seniors, and not us fresh grads. Oh well this sucks...No money is not a great feeling.

Now ever since i went on a high and "coma" in September 2006, I never recovered. Obviously conscious, I crazily bought my watch of my dreams, A Tag Heuer..Never recovered since..I lost the will to save..and i have been on the negative since then..Worse still, somehow or rather i finish my money faster then before..without knowing of course. That comes to the next topic..

I promised a friend that we will go visit UK..the place where all the rich brats of GIS went after high school while i was left in some kampung place of Australia that half the aunties and uncles just nodded with ignorance..Well he emailed me and from March 3-11..want to come? Now i just cant resist temptation and i have given myself till Monday to decide..well for me to convince my parents to throw 6-7 grand for me to fling in London..Just how succesful am i? Stay tuned to find out..

I think i probably can submit this as an essay if i dont stop writing..but wait a minute, by typing i at least look like i am know like drafting a tax advice for my manager or maybe writing an email to a client..but little do they know they are actually employing me to use up their bandwidth surfing the net and blogging online! Muahaha i am so till i am rich again..i shall come up with Part II of Procrastination about Money..

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Jackson said...

wow! What a good topic to start on January! U r lucky coz u own yr dream watch! I alwiz wanted to get one but i can only afford a Tissot.. so sad