Thursday, January 4, 2007

Max! Kitchen & Wines

After reading the review by Kuali, The Star, i was excited about this place..situated in not exactly a peaceful and up class place but the raves about his shiraz wagyu beef cheeks made me sweat and crave for it day after day since i read it. So a little bit of persuasion and one day my dad decided to bring us there..little did he know that dinner wasnt going to be cheap despite the current promotion for a two course lunch at 18++..

At the entrance after the meal

Now if you dig up the archives of Kuali, you would know this is opened by a talented chef with a resume as thick as a dictionary..maybe not that thick. But if you were to bump into him on the street, you probably wouldnt know hes a chef, not that theres a particular look for a good offence mate. Anyways, hes chinese..balding..and he wears glasses..more like a house whoever his wife is...damn lucky woman.

The interior..
It is an open kitchen concept whereby the kitchen is integrated to the main seating area which was abit intimidating because you could see him handle four dishes at a go, and on the other hand wondering if he would create enough smoke to make you smell. But never fear, because the food came out without a fuss, four plates, plate by plate within a minute of each other..

Now enough gibberish and lets talk about the food..Now my dad thought that the food was pretty cheap..till he saw the menu..and his face turn black.. lets face it..hes a china ah pek (uncle) and hes not accustomed to the face that a plate of good food will cost RM 40 and above..well thats my dad and i am not complaining!

So first off, they serves warm bread..i reckon its foccacia bread with olive oil and balsamic vinegar..the vinegar was slightly thick and sweet unlike what i have tried was damn awesome but careful me, when the waitress ask if i wanted another plate i said no..because i thought they probably charge me extra..!

To the main courses..starting off with the Trout..

Served on a bed of mashed potatoes and abit of bell peppers. My mom commented that this is about the smoothest mash she has ever eaten. The fish was cooked perfectly, not overcooked like in most places..No complaints but the size for RM 45, might have to think twice.

Next is the duck..look at how tender it is by the redness of the meat. Again served with a bed of mash, my father commented at RM 30 although steep, he loved it and especially how he plated every dish differently.

Another fish dish, this time the Cod Fish. I know its abit hard but to tell you the truth, its because the piece of fish is too small to tell apart from the artichokes. But once again the creamy sauce complimented the texture of the bouncy Cod fish and the contrasting taste of the artichokes completes this dish for only RM 35.

Lastly, i save the best of the last, the dish that made me swear i will visit this place. For RM 60, this has got to be the biggest plate (quality and quantity) of beef cheeks i ever eaten. Actually i have only eaten it twice, the other time at Cafe Cafe which was dreadfully small but heavenly at the same time. Now again served with mash, notice a pattern coming on? Accompanied with a mushroom ragout, the cheeks melt in your mouth, even a toothless old man can enjoy this dish because its just so tender and i cant find the word...its just heaven.. THUMBS UP!!

So as you probably realise, i loved this place. Not my dad but i loved it..Although he had a valid that time there was two tables seated, ours and another one. The chef only went over to that table to greet, but i think he knew them, but he didnt had the courtesy to come over. Well make an effort next time please if you are reading because i shall be back soon! The affordable price and the great atmosphere gives this place a 9/10. Wheres the other '1'? The notorious place got no parking at all...And if you park nearby there are guys who rip you off by asking for Rm 10!...I dont like extortion...oh well maybe for food..

Before i forget the address and phone no is..

27 Tengkat Tong Shin 50200
Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-21418115

Disclaimer: I am pretty sure no one will leave that place unsatisfied..except your wallet or unless you need three big bowls of rice every meal...


Ruben said...

dude.. use ur bloody camera la... camera phone pictures sucks!

02793553 said...

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MeiyeN said...

this's such a famous eatery but i've yet to try them out :(

Someone who is constantly craving said...

Well like i said, highly should take your bf to go visit it..