Monday, January 15, 2007

Jogoya @ Starhill

Jogoya..about the biggest place i ever set on foot for a buffet..The funny thing is their main selling point is that its a Japanese cuisine buffet..yet they boost about their Chinese and Indian cuisine in addition to what they are suppose to be good at..So wait a minute..what buffet is this suppose to be? for RM 88++ as well..this better be good..

Well as i set foot inside, i realise the main part of the food they offer is Jap but is complimented with Indian grills and Chinese steam and wok fry dishes..So the next question, is quantity as important as quality?

I seriously had an issue with their quality, as you probably know my QC standards aint that high, if the company is right or if the setting is good and the food provided is edible, it normally passes my test with flying colours..So Jogoya the king of buffets failed my test? Even with a reputation in Taiwan as big as my belly? For information, a friend told me, the Jogoya in Taiwan spans two floors and even has karaoke as well...welll this looks so small..

As this is a buffet style i am just going to randomly post my pictures and let you guys have a feel of the place and the food they offer..But like i say i think they failed my test..Well for me despite it being a buffet, i still appreciate quality over quantity..There were one too many dish that disappointed me, there came in minute portions or they came in cold (yuck!).

Abit more on the introduction before you can freely scroll down to the pictures, the way this buffet works is like this, around 45% of the food is available on the spot, meaning just pile it up on the plate and go. Whereas the rest, is ordered via a clip they give you. You simply choose your dish and put your clip (has your table number) on the order dish. In a minute or two, they will pick up the clips and proceed with the order. Now the problem is, there is i think only 3 clips for 2 persons although we went in a group of 10. Imagine when you tour around, and you dont have enough clips, its a pity..and that means walking more, which isnt a problem until you realise how smelly you can get when you walk pass the teppanyaki or the tempura stalls..

Next is the quality of the food, when it first opened we could get unlimited king crab legs with their paper steamboat which were fresh and plenty. Now they have disappeared and there are only available for the VIPS. What we get, is a tiny piece in a pre-order paper steamboat that now tastes honestly like shit..Sorry to you guys at Jogoya, i am just trying to be honest here.
Now for the pictures..

Steam geoduck that came in cold (i doubt the quality as i have yet to try the proper ones you get at proper Seafood restaurants)
Free Yee Sang (Promotion) for table more then 8 people, tasted decent but honestly abit too early

One of the highlights, salmon belly and mushrooms..tasted great

Tempura prawns that didnt taste like tempura, smoke salmon rolls and the cold looking steam egg in crab shell

Ordered egg plant tempura..

Odd looking drumstick tandoori style..No taste

The paper steamboat that was once the highlight of this place..Now a disgrace

Snail shells that i didnt try..looks like from the garden haha

With camera flash, given, there were fresh, although the demand of the oysters were too huge that they were freshly taking it out of their shells n serving it, thus there were not chilled..

No flash, same picture..what do you think? With or without?

So the verdict, a measly 5 out of 10 considering that i normally take lots of sashimi and they were good by my standards, but honestly the crowd which were abit "pasar" meaning market just ruins the whole environment. After all, at that ridiculous price, you would expect it too be classy, but just no..and another thing..we have to refill our own tea...which is sorry i am too lazy and i expect my service charge to be fully damnit listen to me...go get ur workers to fill up my tea...The END..

Its been awhile since i wrote a review, infact too many up in my head and i cant seem to put it down properly..infact i just feel like rambling on and on...i think its about time i post another procrastication entry soon...stay tune

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Anonymous said...


I totally agree with you. Jogoya sucks big time....
It surprises me that there are people raving about this place..

And judging from the crowd, it just goes to show that there are no shortage of people with poor taste....