Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Jimmy Place @ Taman Connaught *CLOSED*

Contrary to what i said in my previous posts, i keep getting mixed up between Jacks Place and Jimmy Place..because both places exists but i have yet to try the Jack's one..though i want to intro you guys to the Jimmy's one..which is totally different by the way..So situated in Connaught along the street of the dim sum place which was my very first review..its a humble place that serves a mix of western and asian dishes..pasta..good steak..proper thin crust pizza..and good hawker noodles as well..Recently they revamped their menu and so we all tried their 3 new fish dishes..so lets see how it all went..

Starting off with a mushroom soup..very heavy in mushroom flavour and skimpy on the cream..very different feel from our Campbells..(RM 5?)

Ice Lemon Tea (Shaken or stirred i got no idea) looks like it got blended..(RM 4?)

The trio fish platter (RM 30 pls) Basically a plate to let you try their new three fishes there are offering..swordfish..codfish...tuna...Awesome and the flavours are all unique according to fish..worth a try..abit skimpy on the serving..

Oops..forgot the onion rings (RM 5?) Served with mustard and mayo dressing thats hidden under the basket..doesnt it look lovely and heart clogging? Tasted good..and gave me the inspiration to mix my mayo with mustard now..

Tuna served with a red wine emulsion sauce (RM30 plus also) Look at the raw pieces of tuna..the way you eat it..Now i seldom or really cant differentiate good quality tuna as you know tuna is more rarer then salmon and the texture is different and you really dun know whether in Jap buffets if they serve u the freshest. Now basesd on my taste buds, being raw the meat is not entirely hot..and as such you seem to get a feeling that the meat is semi thawed from the fridge which i dunno if i am meant to feel that way..but being 30 bucks and with a generous portion you really cant compare can you? But i tell you the sauce that came with it...speechless..throughout the entire dish it kept me guessing what the sauce was made out of until i read the menu in detail..its just unique..

Swordfish served with a cream based sauce..RM20plus..The fish was firm and the side of veges and french fries completes this simple yet tasty dish..

So that completes this long due review..They use to serve this awesome beef dish which they have replaced with a higher quality steak..the names cant seem to get into my head rite now..but you still get decent asian dishes startin from below tens and around 10-20 with big prawns...the simple sirloin is going from 19 bucks..and you have the upmarket dishes like the lamb shank that now comes in XXXXL ..if not mistaken might b more XXs...and i think its priced at over 40plus..

So what you get is hotel quality dishes in a more humble and abit hot atmosphere..so if you are around the corner do give it a try...as in all reviews my rating is a decent 8 out of 10..would appreciate if they could somehow get the place to be cooler..its damn hot!...I honestly thought this was a halal place because they dont serve pork but the red wine emulsion sauce somehow tells me otherwise...so unfortunate..so unfortunate...

Well this might be the post for some time as i will b flying down to Australia to try out their cuisine and wine..so back to you guys next wk!..Have fun...I am suddenly to have this sudden craving for that 600gm T bone steak...yummm

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