Friday, January 26, 2007

Its decided!!

Just like the brain of a good businessman, you have to diversify..whether it is industries, the food you eat, the clothes you wear, and finally drums roll, what you blog about.. I am sick of specialising thus deciding to this..

So what would be a good opening to my procrastination section?..I have touched the surface of whats next? Hmmmm shit am i having second thoughts on whether to blog or not now..AIKS..

Well the topic for today is Work Life and whatever is associated with work life..basically anything that happens in this firm i work at *** (censored for alot of purposes) i dont want to get fired nor do i want to get murdered..

When you were once small, friends mean friends, you play with them, you converse with them with no bad intentions what so ever, but people mutate..and change.. they think crooked..they think of short cuts and no more the straight line they were once taught at school..

So how friends are friends in the working world? Do they just use you? or are they genuine friends? Am i to judge? Well not just friends, how about colleagues? Do they step on your faults or use u for glory? Sooner or later you are no more the naive kid on the block..when someone offer you a sweet, you think for a it poison? is the person trying to get on to my good books? It just crap..But thank god i have yet to meet this kind of people..Fingers crossed..

But just to fulfill the requirement of blogging..let me share some a simple dinner plan..obviously a dinner plan involves planning somewhere for dinner and who to go dinner simple rite? But you see..with people a step ahead of got to think have to find backup..Get where i m getting at? Sigh isnt so different from when you use to "ajak" your friend in high school out for a movie and you plan a week ahead?

Well how about another one..when you were didnt care whether you were big or small, but when your friend gets bulied, you help..rite? But in the working world, what do you do when your boss ask your friend a question? or mayb ask you a question? How will you answer? Should you bullshit your way through or get help from a friend? Its just stuff in life thats simple yet so complicating..Man i am starting to sound so whiny..But lets continue..

You are now faced with a choice..your friends got work to do..and you are bz blogging away..should you listen to their words and wait for them so you can go out for dinner n drinks with them? or should you one person bloody finish blogging and head to the gym to work out that "dancing belly"? Its really tough isnt? Life is full of choices..especially at work..and with work people isnt?

Back to another infamous topic..lunch buddies..i know my original buddy back to those days when she was pregnant is not happy..sigh its hard..just when you found your cliche during her maternity are faced with an go back to where you came from or stay to where you belong? Choices again i suppose..Balance is another good word to use..being fat i guess not m i not good at balancing myself literally, i guess i need work in balancing friends..

I m wondering if anyone is still reading on..have i really written enough to put everyone off and just click the X Button on the top right hand side?? Well fingers crossed..i got slightly above a 100 visits..probably half contributed by me when i enter my own blog site to log in..kinda stupid well even if i cheat..i m cheating issue isnt?

Now just slightly abit more, one of my friend has just whispered hes ready to give up..another incident that just happened recently..i m now stepping on very dangerous grounds..Working hours are meant to be obeyed..i obey them very well..starting at 8.30 and of course packing my bags by 5.30..but there just this person who doesnt seem to know what "time" means..or does the person? I am on the verge of knocking on my bosses door to ask if theres a flexi working hours form that i can fill in..because i have no freaking idea how i can enter work at 10am maybe 10.30 n disappear almost like everyone else at the same time? Is this what you call magic? Well this is just the beginning...the person has powers beyond i will let you guys imagine...

Finally, after so much procrastination.. i got to give credit to my boss..if hes ever reading this, i think he probably be very cool with it, infact abit too cool..n i dun mean to suck up..but this probably the only reason for me not to dig up my CV...and start to apply to other jobs..the soft skills that you can pick up from him..its amazing..and hes one bloody sarcastic fellow..and i love sarcasm..but hes on a level on his own..and one more thing..lifes unfair isnt..when you can bloody buy a pair of BOSE speakers for you IPOD..that comes with the dock of course and blast BeeGees everytime a staff comes in to ask for your signature..

To finally round it off...i m announcing that i will be on holiday to ADELAIDE..the boring place that i studied 3 yrs in on the 31-6 feb..and i just got the approval for my LONDON trip in thats the only way i can get back at my boss i suppose..

Phew..i feel so much better...this is a great stress what happen to my friends that i am suppose to be waiting for?

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Lilia Edlina said...

somebody is really in frustation huh?

"So how friends are friends in the working world?" - true, friendship in working world is no where near to the friendship we used to have when we were in school / college, etc. but, hey, you need a judgement call here. there are still good friends out of your colleagues. depends on who are you to them as well.