Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Restaurant Hy Thian @ Sri Kembangan

Now, my father frequents this restaurant very often, infact on average once every two weeks if not every week. Actually the head chef is a close friend, so we always get alot of freebies like new dishes before there are released on the menu and soups as starters. So i thought why not, lets do a review on them, after all most of my reviews tend to lean towards western cuisine.

The selling point for this place is mainly quantity and it is cheap. Some of doubted their quality but i find it ok and most importantly value for money. If you manage to get hold of one of the more experienced waitresses to recommend you dishes, you will never fail to have dishes all over the table.

So lets start off, with the steam fish..

The seven star garoupa (steamed)

The reason why i put the picture this way is just an afterthought. Imagine that you are a fisherman and you manage to catch this fish, and being Malaysia the sun is hot and you know you tend to day dream in this kind of weather..i thought maybe this image might be in the fisherman eyes, catching a nice steam garoupa..ready to eat straight away! KeKe..Lame i know..but thats who i am.

Ying Yeong Har (Two style prawns)

The black sauce is their house specialty where as the brown one is the ham dan har (salted egg prawns). The combo is interchangeable and the best part you can ask them to deshell the prawns so no mess! Their prawns also come in salad and butter but the butter style is unlike the usual ones with the egg flakes, want to find how it tastes like? Give it a try haha.

Hakka Siu Chow (Hakka Mix Veges)

Consisting of cuttlefish, pork, tauge (bean sprouts), capsicum and a couple more veges, this is a nice dish to eat with rice..Enough said.

Claypot Yam Chicken

Another nice dish to eat with rice. The aroma of the chicken is enhanced with curry leaves and the nice chunks of yam is not too soft and not too hard accompanied by the fine bite sizes of kampung chicken.
Rounding it off is the Fu Yu Chau Yau Mak (Fermented Bean Curd Lettuce?)

I dont exactly know how to translate this dish. But beware of all the chili padi in this dish that gives more then what you might have bargained for.

So thats about it, i noticed that there is a request to mention whether the food i put up is halal or not..so here you go..unfortunately it is not halal =( . Now at this moment of time, i do not have the phone number or the directions. Drop me a message and i will try to describe it. It s basically on the way to the Mine and South City Plaza. From South City Plaza, you just go in further till you see a Petronas petrol station, from there you should see the place, its 5 shoplots combined..

On that note, i will try my best to visit halal restaurants for the benefit of everyone! And hope those who can eat pork visit this also..


Lilia Edlina said...

hello mr pregnant man,

i am new here in your humble little space on the internet.. :P

nice blog. would appreciate if you could do the food review to the extend of mentioning whether it is a halal place or not.. :)

keep it up! cheers~*

Precious Pea said...

I have been there twice and food was great!! I think the most memorable dishes I had was the Lotus Roots Stirfried with Salted Egg Yolks and the Deep Fried Pig's Intestines which comes with Mustard Veggie!! FANTASTIC!