Monday, January 29, 2007

Blood Diamond..

Blood on the diamond? or Blood in the diamond? Some say its pink diamond..I m confused only to know it means conflict diamond..eventhough it looks pinkish..n its a 100 carats..Yes i m talking about the latest raved about movie called Blood Diamond..starring the Titanic sissy boy Dicaprio..hes grown to be a more versatile actor taking on serious roles..n loved his accent that he adopted for the move..

Well m i suddenly goin to diversify to movies review? Nah dont think so..and yes..Lilia..ur entry sort of sparked it to write this entry..sharing is caring..

So what do i exactly want to say? Lessons learnt from the movie? Or censorship in Malaysia? How greedy people are in the world out there? Or how some people are just so busy body and must be in midst of action in other people's business? You see.. there is beyond entertainment when you watch this dragging 2.5 hr movie..y draggy? because i couldnt take a leak..the action was too thick and fast for me to take a min to run to the loo..

Or being me..i might just as well blog about all of the a short summary before i hit to work..lessons learnt from the movie? Girls out there..your diamonds not only causes demand to soar beyond supply thus making us broke when we want to dedicate the rest of our lives to slave for you..(note: engagement ring and wedding ring..) it also costs virtually a leg and an arm..sorry for any hints of spoilers..but yes..the movie has lots of legs and arms...So why dont you give us a break and try to make diamonds worthless..then maybe we will decide to buy some for you..

2nd..Censorship..I actually would like to thank Malaysia for actually showing this movie..and showing most of the blood and gore around..but i thought if the F word would gradually make its way through..i think the movie might sounded better..i mean whats the point when most of us have listened and know what the word is..n u manage to censor the last 3 letters..but the heard..and can anyone tell me if Leo and Jen Connelly made out in the wild because my instinct tell me they did in the movie but it was totally removed...hahaha

Lastly, the two issues out there are abit on the sensitive side..esp wif the two prominent bloggers being sued at the moment..although i got to say..i havent got the chance to read theirs before and the entries that were involved in the matter..but it all sums up..Humans are humans..It is just in their nature to be it natural or intentional..Money drives people to alot of things..just look at the society...robbery..kidnappings..and alot more.. And the busybody just done in all scales of the world..small scale = stopping your car to look at what happened after the accident..(although i wish to send my condolences to the family of the deceased ( i presumed, with the black garbage bag over something) after the accident on the federal highway right outside the petrol stations around the Shah Alam) and large scales whether for a good or for decide which current issue you want to put into your minds the second you read this..

Well by the way..i know this is truly out of my comfort zone esp if you have read all my funny food reviews..but i m the same back to food..look out for the pictures when i made the 2nd visit to Tai Zhi Heen..and hopefully when the internet gets better i should start doing my review of Jacks Place and Dragon I..

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Lilia Edlina said...

phew, thank god u r of the same view with me re the movie.. coz Eddie has just told me that he heard some ppl said the movie sucks.

anyhow, i couldnt agree more on all those points you have written - the accent, the lesson learnt, and the cencorship in Malaysia (note: the F word thing; agreed, but not the made out part though haha)..

and hey, stop putting on disclaimer on what you are going to type about, its your freaking blog, so just go ahead freaking blog on whatever you want!