Thursday, January 4, 2007

Alexis @ Bangsar Shopping Centre


As you all might know or had no idea at all, i was on clearing my leave and i had the last week of the year is so off we went 1 day 3 of us, a friend, my gf and i to alexis, BSC. To tell you the truth, i knew of its existence through this blog Memoirs of a Chocoholic

I must say i loved the atmosphere of the place..very trendy and chic..Ok about the pictures..i still have a problem taking i have a few pictures but not least a good start ok?

Starting of the meal with a nice hot cup of Cafe Latte (RM10)

If you ask me to name one place that serves you coffee with steam coming out, this is the place. Sorry to all the Starbucks and Coffee Bean fans, but they dont make hot coffee like Alexis does. By the way their coffee are from Illy..

Next up, we ordered two dishes from their light mains, the duck confit and the roast beef sandwich for the ladies and i ordered the duck breast from the mains. Unfortunately, the camera didnt make it in time for the light mains, but never fear as i still got my amazing English to describe the dishes to you people. The duck confit is basically crispy fried duck, or more professionally it is duck cooked in its own fat.. artery clogging but sounds damn good all the same..well Alexis serves it with a green salad and a light dressing and if not mistaken with some mandarin oranges which makes it refreshing and light..just like how a light main should be..and for RM 20? thats pretty decent. Though if you are looking out for the real deal duck confit..try Cafe Cafe which i might visit again in the near future for a proper review.

Next up, was a pretty normal and disappointing roast beef sandwich for RM 24? Nothing much to say...To the main duck breast..

Slow Roast Duck Breast RM 35

I suspected they were abit lazy here, because they used the same greens as the Duck Confit..go and buy a few different greens to serve is all i can say. Otherwise, notice how red the duck is...and i normally dont complain about bleeding meat, but this duck was bleeding abit too much, perhaps another minute in the oven would be should always be eaten medium, but this was more of a rare for me..but thumbs up all the same..

Lastly, to finish it off is the most sinful part of the Lunch...DESSERT!

Palova?? Egg whites isnt? RM 10 for a whole load of fresh fruits as a topping. Not too sweet and just nice....

Tiramsiu RM 12.. Supposedly the best tiramisu that one can find and it is Alexis speciality. Honestly this is the first time i have eaten it with nuts covered all over it and served with a berry sauce..Its damn good though i admit but i would go back for any tiramisu served in a single portion cup..

Well i know its been ages since i have come up with this review and honestly i think i could have done better. So lets rate Alexis..other then the rare duck as a blooper and the normal sandwich..the awesome coffee and the nice atmosphere puts it up to 8/10.

I seriously wont bother with the disclaimer anymore. So what you guys think?? Or have the few visitors that once visited me, deserted me??..


Si said...

Hey, if i'm not mistaken, their Tiramisu cake is from SUCHAN.
I just bought a whole tiramisu cake from there last week n it looked exactly the same, served with berry sauce as well!
Suchan serves pretty decent food+cakes..they have a newly open outlet in Bangsar Village 2, try it out =)

anna said...

Totally agree...Alexis cafe latte is the best!...a pity its such a small cup...need to cups to satisfy me.