Monday, December 31, 2007

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year

Friday night

I had a blast at "My Elephant" but who in the world, calls their restaurant "My Elephant"? I mean, i wouldnt want to touch your Elephant but sir, i have a reservation at "Your Elephant". Lame jokes aside, Thai food was the exotic theme of the night and we were stuffed to the brim before we were carried out to the exit.

Located at a desserted corner of what seems to be low cost flats hidden in Section 17, I was immediately enlightened by the entrance.

Tried to upload pictures and fell asleep, naturally with an overdose of roast duck red curry.

Saturday morning

Being "kiasu" as part of our Malaysian blood, i see reviews done all over the blogosphere of "My Elephant". Is it me, or am i considered slow because i didnt do my home work the night before? I realised i left the menu once again, but more or less i can just steal the names because it is all over my face. Nevermind, it is finally all uploaded to Flickr.

I rather sleep, dont you?

Monday morning

I think i just gave up on writing about My Elephant or His Elephant for the matter. The food is great but hey, i still need to remember how it tastes like right?

Forget it, i am at work but they is no one around. 4 more hours before i enjoy my final 4 hours of annual leave. Will be enjoying the fireworks at KLCC without lugging my camera i guess due to the flow of bubbly available.

An early toast to the year 2008 and with that some more random photos from nowhere.

I know the clock no longer works, but it is to tell you, time is up and it is time for 2008!

What are we looking forward to? Er, I dont know..

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Delicious @ Bangsar Village 2

The year 2007 is going to be over in a matter of days. To some, another year is just; well another year.

To others, it is a year of changes, gluttony or adventure. To me? Well to be honest, it just another year which i am looking forward to.

Looking back this year, so many things have happened. I have met a whole new group of people that i call friends. People who share the same love for food and photographing food. At one point in time, i thought i was weird, now? I just feel so warm at home.

Back to food.

This common sight of desserts is going up to my head like drugs, really fast and a big hit to my wallet because i cant resist.

Delicious was a place that i last tried in February. Last i heard, a different management has taken over, the menu has been refurbished and it has been the talk of the town. It never did impress me the first time i went. It was packed with lots of chic people and "tai tai" that had all the time in the world for a drink while people slaved at work. The food was "ok" and you could get plenty elsewhere for the same price. Yet, it has blossomed and outlets opening from all four corners of KL.

Stepping back in, gave me the same feel. For one, the decor had the same "feel" which isnt to say it was bad of course. It once again gave me that "chic" and "cool" feel, where only young and trendy people eat at.

Looks the same?

Some items vaguely tickled my fancy whereas some stood up like a big zit when you look at the mirror just before your dinner party. The Wagyu Beef Pie was one of them. When it is also priced at RM20++, you dont stop to think that the word 'Wagyu' might have been loosely used to entice greedy pigs like me. It is when you eat it and realise the long hours of cooking beef will make it tender anyways, you shrug your shoulders and enjoy.

Not exactly pityful in serving but nor was it enough when i tried to let everyone have a share. The little bowl where they stuffed the salad was abit ridiculous as i couldnt eat out from it. Though, who cares when you have a hot pie filled with wagyu beef next to it?

Next came a slightly soggy angel hair cream pasta with smoked salmon and a little roe at the top. Before i issued a warrant for a bite, i saw sauce left on the plate. I dont know if it is that good, got to ask my brother, but then again, he eats anything and i mean anything. (RM20++)

Their Caesar Salad was generous with beef bacon chips; similar to the one you get at O Briens, a poached egg, anchovies and your usual fare of Romaine lettuce and sauce. Then again, this salad is almost RM20 i think.

Then came sweet desserts. Dining with three ladies, my lady, my sister and my mom; desserts were a must to lit up their day.

Their waffles were rather flat and not crispy but soggy. The sauce didnt help either to lit the mood but then again my brother ordered this and finished everything. Told you, he eats anything and everything.

I still dont understand their French Toast. The bananas yes but the bacon still doesnt make it happen. Why dont they learn?? The fluffy light french toast was a delight to savour and the caramelised bananas a brilliant accompanyment.

The brownies was about the most sinful dessert item i ate in a long long time. The chocolate sauce was hot and warm, plentiful and with cold vanilla ice-cream, the picture says it all. All was forgiven if the brownie was rather hard and dry because the sauce saved it all.

Address details:

Bangsar Village 2
Ground Floor

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars. Again, i was not truly convinced but then again, it is rather handy to have a restaurant that you can go to for a snack or a meal. It is not magnificent but memorable to walk in again. Did you get it? I dont think i did; thus the love and hate affair with Delicious.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Blues Blues Blues

The 3 little mousketeers would like to wish all of you a very belated Happy XMAS and a Happy New Year!

Chase the blues away if you are working today, just like me!

Sing a song if you are bored..

You are on camera!

You never know when you will be on be prepared!

Food reviews coming soon, i hope!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Le-Bouchon @ Changkat Bukit Bintang

In my glorious confident voice, I told her, it has been all planned. The day's itinerary has been confirmed and all she had to do was to seat down, relax and let the day passed. She seemed unperturbed although she could definitely expect something, for it was her grand day, her birthday.

With a job title; consultant for almost two years, the first thing you learn is that you dont really consult all the time but rather you are a con-sul-tant. The convincing voice had always been part of the plan and it didnt fail me even at the most crucial of times.

I originally thought that with a deadline of 1 month, we ought to try Cilantro with all the various posts on multiple orgasms happening in that place. After all, it was a no-brainer answer to where i would take her for dinner? But so it was, until i was told they dont open on Sundays. Ouch.

Plan B.

Where can one take their loved one to a romantic place without breaking the piggie bank? I can safely say LeBouchon is one of them. For starters, the menu is posted on their website. So with careful calculation, you should comfortably estimate how big a hole, your wallet will suffer at the end of the night. I digress.

She had a long day with class, and the last thing i wanted to do was to give her more stress, especially on her birthday especially on a moody drizzling Sunday evening. To add more drama to give it a twist, we arrived rather early as they dont open till 7, and we hopped over to the Fish and Chips Bar for a Kilkenny. We almost ordered Fish n Chips and wanted to call it a night, thankfully not.

Walking inside LeBouchon gives you that rather cozy feeling. The warm orange light which is horrible for pictures, the rather simple decor and the french music that seemed to be on "repeat" mode was all it needed to sooth you into that comfortable seat next to a sealed "fireplace".

Taking charge of the night, i had to indulge in some foie gras despite the 5 minute video where i saw geese getting stuffed food through the beak, and livers getting bloated to 10 times the usual size. It was almost as if i had to go down the sin highway one more time, before i convert myself to an angel.

Being french, they had to be different, some assorted bread and pastry was served first. The light fluffy pastry was bland but was crisp. We were identifying what spread it was on the bread until i saw another basket of bread being served.

Wholemeal mini baguettes, served with good o butter. I think i shall leave vinegar and olive oil in the cupboard for awhile and start buying butter instead.

Now if you thought French food was all petty and dainty, think twice because i was in awe when the salad came.

Dordogne Salad with Goose Liver Terrine, Gizzards Confit, Smoked Magret of Duck and Marinated Sultanas in Cognac Vinaigrette

Available under their Gourmet Menu RM 148. With generous portions of terrine and duck breast pieces, this was not what i expected of a dainty salad. It was a muscular and filling salad and definitely could be a meal for a lady. The pieces of confit, was like pork lard to me, crunchy and absolutely gave the salad a crunch, just like croutons.

Burgundy Snails individually prepared, gently cooked in Creamy Spinach Sauce

The snails didnt give me the crunch that i was looking for, it was instead abit on the soft side. Nevertheless, the sauce was so good as it was rationed between the pieces of bread given to me earlier. Then again, it was meant to be for the lady of the night, and i took 2 pieces with a memory of the sauce and not really the snails.

By here, my girlfriend wished the mains wouldnt come, she was stuffed. While me? I waited with glee for the creamy melt-in-your-mouth foie gras.

Seabass, Salmon and Prawn Soup with Pernod served with Garlic Rouille Croutons and Grated Cheese

This soup/stew is the richest i ever had. The amount of seafood that was probably used to come up with the food and the pieces of creamy salmon was wonderful. If anything, my girlfriend couldnt stand the rich broth because it was simply too rich. For me? Nothing is ever rich as i slurped up to the last drop which got a comment from the waiter "You really do like the dish, eh?" All i can say is, a very good testimony and probably the best compliment that one can get eh?

Le Confit De Canard Et Ses Pommes Fondantes
Duck Leg Confit served with Fondantes Potatoes topped with a slice of Pan Fried Goose Liver

The duck confit was slightly on the dry side but the goose liver was the star despite the cameo role it was made to play. The roast potatoes was crunchy with a bite, and the vegetables mask the saltiness of the meat. It was a perfect combination except for the tenderness that was maybe missing somewhere. For RM78, i would order this again though.

French Apple Tart flamed with Calvados and topped with Vanilla Ice Cream

The alcohol was flaming away and totally masked what was on the plate. To be honest, i rather have a non-alcoholic version even though i love a good glass of wine. The apple was stewed till mush which was nice but the tart was rather drenched. The ice-cream was the only saviour to get everything to taste sweet. Just like a dessert and a make do birthday cake for the lovely lady.

Originally i wanted to get the staff to arrange for a slice of cake but i was told that if i ever pull such a trick from my sleeve, she would walk away from me.

So there was no need for Plan C.

The flexibility of a CON-sultant.

Address and contact details:

Jalan Changkat Bukit Bintang
50450, Kuala Lumpur
WY, West malaysia
Tel:+603 2142 7633
Fax:+603 2142 7633
Mobile No: +6019 2200200 or 012 2864860

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars. To be honest, either i am not well educated to enjoy french food but there were certain items i loved but some were abit of a love and hate affair (according to my girlfriend). Then again, for only RM78 you can get a nice slice of foie gras though. The ambience is lovely so if it is a romantic candlelight dinner you are thinking of, please drop by for a visit. Total damage? RM272 if i am not mistaken, definitely not priceless but a worth while visit.

Friday, December 21, 2007

My Early XMAS present..

Karma really works does it not? I received a pleasant surprise from this lady yesterday, telling me that she learnt of my woes.

Just when i was suppose to set out on a "Mission Impossible" aka go take my father's credit card insteading of waiting for mine to come, she asked if i wanted a...


I was speechless, one of my avid readers actually gave me a very meaningful present. So a very big thanks and hugs to her!!

Now that i have finally unlimited uploads and bandwidth, stay tune for bigger and badder pictures..woohoo!!

Merry Christmas and to all those taking a break, a Happy New Year..

PS: Today there was no traffic on Jalan Loke Yew, I think i just experienced two big miracles this year.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Apparently it is now Photobucket to PMS and a story on Karma

Apparently, when i am all in the mood to blog about delicious and tempting food to finish of the year with a bang, Photobucket sent me an email to tell me that i have exceeded my limit, links to my pictures disabled without me pleading i am sorry and it wont happen again. So its going to be off picture blogging till the 24th, i cannot imagine the long wait.

A story on Karma.

I was driving on a Sunday evening, there was a car from my left wanting to turn out and at the same time another car from my right wanting to turn in and of course me, wanting to just pass through straight ahead.

I could see a pleading guy on the left with his apologetic hand out so being the nice man i am, i stopped.

Out from nowhere, the lady on the right didnt hesitate for a moment and decided to go ahead and turn despite the pleas that the guy was sounding.

The shocking moment came, when the woman then stopped on my lane, and put up her hand and fist waving at the guy. God knows what went through the lady's mind and how was she going to explain to the kid seating behind.

Karma strucked. She had turned too quick and drove up a 12inch barrier. Another impatient guy came from her back and decided enough was enough and turned. The lady without a doubt embarassed after waving her hand, frantically reversed to the guy because she wanted to get her car down from the barrier.

The man is furious and virtually threatens her as i saw him shouting at the lady.

The original man on the left peacefully make his turn, and i decided that was enough for the day and drove past the mishap.

Lesson learnt? Karma is very important to keep in mind, let a car pass and one day they will let you pass too. Those who thinks that their father and mother owns the road, think twice because i also own part of the road too.

Friday, December 14, 2007

New Goodies @ Just Heavenly Pleasures, Damansara

Feeling gloomy because its Friday? Still worrying about the deadline before you pack your bags and not return to office till 2008? Need a sugar rush after a year's worth of hard work? Well Just Heavenly has got us tickling and leaving us happy and gay from their shops with their latest delight..

The Red Velvet..Now available in its glory red colour and creamy cheese frosting, theres has never been a better reason to eat desserts especially when you are moody and down.

A more thorough review after the weekend. Happy Holidays, and pray there will be no traffic as i have to work all the way to the end of the year.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Lok Lok @ Yu Lek, Cheras

What do you do when you see lots of shiny raw food in sticks lying in front of you?

You forget that they charge you by sticks, and pile up the food on the plates at free will.

Its been definitely a very long while since i had lok lok. If memory serves me correct, i probably didnt have lok lok before, especially with a very concerning and caring mother. Sharing pots of hot water, sauces, and dipping raw food with your signature saliva isnt exactly the most hygenic of things. So apparently, the closest of things is steamboat which was also quite a while.

Now the days where you had to stand up and cook your food is long gone. They have gone and picked up some skills in customer service. We now have chairs, personal pots of boiling water, and plates for sauces, oh, what a luxury.

Your choices of 3 sauces..

As i promised, your personal pot..

Now along with boiling pots of water, there have a designated pot of oil as well. There are several choices that can be chosen for the deep frying method. Result? More sinful snacks while waiting for your fish balls to cook.

When you choose your food, you forget that you are either hungry or full, diet or no diet. Everything seems pleasing on the eye and without hesitance, the sticks pile up. A huge variety of fish balls, seafood, organs and your daily fibre consumption of vegetables are available. Prices start from 60 cents to RM2.50 per stick.

How can you not be tempted by the squid tentacles floating up from the water and looks like they have just gone through a perm treatment?

Finishing off with another species of marinated octopus and half a "pei dan" ("preserved duck egg")

All in all, it was a good experience. To be able to seat down and chit chat while you take pictures, go to the stall as if it was buffet and stack up the food was a memorable experience. For my wallet that is. Total damage? RM 30. Definitely could have got me a decent meal under a roof with proper air-conditioning, i reckon. Given a choice? I rather go back here and start choosing the colour sticks again.

Address? Along the "Wai Sek Kai" in Taman Yu Lek, Cheras.

Rating: 3 stars out of 5 stars - it wasnt exactly cheap, but a more luxurious option then standing beside the van in a busy night market and tasting everyone's saliva in your sauce.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Life is about choices..

Life is about choices. The picture says it all, whether you want something in red, green, purple or yellow, long or short and stubby, it is all about choices. The fact that i chose to think the way i did last week, was because i had a choice; either suck it up or decide that enough was enough.

Though i needed an answer. I came back from lunch unexpectedly, saw the "answer" in his room. I prepped myself, compiled the documents that i needed him to sign and went inside to get the "answer". All that "brave talk" went away, as i sat down. The throat was dry and my troublesome teary eye was up to no good. When in fact i had prepared virtually an essay in my mind, all i could say was "Can we talk? About you know.."

I find it ironic that i think that this matter is such a big deal but others think otherwise. It is clear it is about choices; to dip your food in sauce or eat it as it is. He said "Sure, about taking leave again?" Either he was clearly trying to avoid the matter or just being sarcastic, no one knows. His face had a worn weathered face that has several layers that you have to see through in order to know how he really feels.

"Er, no. Its about the recent promotion list. Was I even considered for promotion?" At this point, how i wish i was like the chicken above, wanting to be wrapped back up again to feel warm and protected. I was expecting a 101 lame answers or to make the matter worse, how i truly fared in working for the last 22 months.

Came the answer.

Like a large plate of fried brinjal, all too hot to put in your mouth and the lame pieces of foo chuk, the answer was as simple as cooking the plate above.

You see, this promotion round is really for "exceptional" people. I have no qualms with your progress so far eventhough you are short by 2 months for promotion. The feedback you got from your managers are yes impressive but still short for promotion this round. If you see, not a lot of people got the promotion. Dont worry, you would have no problems the next round, You will get there, I will help you get there.

Now you see, it would have worked if i was a naive young graduate. In fact i would have been only so glad that such a senior staff could say such words. I would be happy with a bowl of oily soup and fish paste passing off for fish balls. Though as much as i would like to be impressed and happy, i wasnt.

I knew too much. I knew orders could be made to managers to "jack up" the scores. I knew off way too many people that had got promoted that "way". What was i to say? Tell him that he could have made a difference. What really hurt the most was the fact my friend took the gamble and moved to another department, and got promoted this round. I told the partner that and he said he didnt know. Clearly a lie i reckon.

Comes the conclusion, 6 months is a long time but is it worth working for people that says that you are a worthy staff and then only getting the promotion i seek? Or should i say forget it and leave this vicious environment? Fingers crossed, offers better come soon.

*Yong Tau Foo was eaten somewhere deep down in Puchong. Stuffed with fish paste on the spot and fried, it is available for RM 1 a piece. No address and details as i was whizzed away by my Dad. Ratings: 2.5 out of 5 stars for being too crude and just not delicate enough*

Monday, December 10, 2007

Sneak Preview of what is to come..

Its a gloomy rainy Monday and i dont feel like working (read the last post). After careful consideration, i guess as a matured 22 year old, i should at the very least find a back alley to run to after sealing the front door. So it shall be, any one wants to hire me, please drop me a comment! I come cheap at less then RM3000 a month, with less then 2 years of working experience, an expert in eating and talking, i would be your best bet!

Ok, a sneak preview of what is to come..because i cant do the whole entry now..

What do you do with colorful sticks?

Slightly more obvious, but what in the world are those crater looking fishballs?

Friday, December 7, 2007

Thats life..

What were you going on about two days ago? So what changes are you going to make to yourself? I asked myself those questions on Monday. Truth is, i didnt know. Though what i did know; i was very disappointed. The promotion list came out Monday evening. With 22 months of experience, i was actually in a good shape to get promoted, well so i thought. Looking at the sparsely populated list, i spotted a friend that had join me on the same day, got seconded to another department and never looked back. He got promoted while i looking like an arsehole for staying behind, stayed behind.

Now i cant just blame the whole world and not myself. Yes, i am angry at myself for probably not trying any harder, but given the circumstances of my team, that was really the best they pushed me. Another friend, i saw her get promoted twice in the span of my stay.

Only one word, sick and why in the world did i not get promoted? It is a sign that there is better things in life for me?

Since Monday, i toyed with the idea of resigning. The day that i can throw the letter and say "Good Bye, i dont want to do any of the shit i am doing now". I finally brushed up my resume to reflect myself and not the young innocent 20 year old i was two years ago.

I guess i did learn alot about myself in the 22 months. I knew that talking is my forte and given the chance to do a presentation and i probably could be on par with others. Then again, it shows i ooze confidence, well maybe too much i guess.

I am frantically trying to put in my resume into any Tom, Dick and Harry vacancy at the moment. Plans to do photography and writing has come to mind. Maybe teaching people how to public speak as well, who knows? Fingers crossd, i have dated the letter for Monday.

Maybe i am a spoilt brat for losing a battle so easily or i am a sore loser. Though i still think its a battle i dont want to fight no longer. I dont want to go in to my boss room and ask why because the milk is spoilt and there should be no way of turning it around. All i know is, i think i had enough of my current job.

Sigh, how i wish i could do this everyday..make this..

Thursday, December 6, 2007

I think i know what i want to do with myself right now..

I always appear like a lost and aimless soul whenever i procrastinate. Now i am clear, slightly clearer on what i am going to do with myself. Not a big step, but a step. I think i know what is my next step of life. What is it? Coming soon..

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Restaurant King Crab Part 2 @ Taman Mewah, Petaling Jaya

After Harry, apparently comes Sally. Apparently the twist starts and a new story begins. The scene is familiar, ar yes, in King Crab. A rough looking fellow with a unmistakenly heavy accent blurts "How ya mate?" before he slumps in front of us. Whether he just suffered from a heart attack or passed out from the heavy stench of alcohol is anyone's guess. Now the only thing that was technically correct is the australian accent and the slumping infront of us, yes, i was struggling very hard to get some attention.

The RM450 lobster that hails from the same place that i studied at, South Australia. Weighing at 1.5 kgs, it wasnt going to be a heavy weight but definitely a good enough middle weight boxer with his meaty transparent flesh that was going to send me to dream land with every bite.

What else to do with the head that weighs almost half the weight of the whole crustacean? Chop it up and make superior stock and then cook it in yee mee. What we got was a very strong lobster flavour in every bite of noodles despite the plate filled with empty shell pieces and wet soggy noodles.

My name is Ham, Ham Dan Sotong. As cool and palatable as James Bond to the girls, the fragant salted egg coating was done perfectly that deserved the title of "most famous dish" in King Crab. The only let down was the squid could have been crunchier hinting that the freshest wasnt available. (RM20++)

You looking at me? Flower crabs steamed with egg white. Apparently, I was hooked by the term "Butter crabs" but due to the floggers concern of my health, a healthier version was served. Since this was halal, even better. The crab was fresh and sweet, the egg even sweeter as it had absorbed all the freshness as well. This dish didnt come cheap at around RM60++.

To end off a very guilt laden dinner, some vegetables, stir fry and fresh ones to be dipped in the hotpot that was abandoned when everyone decided to eat their lobster sashimi style.

Final verdict: Another very strong 4 stars out of 5 stars. Though beware, weekends are crowded especially during 7.30-8.30 so quality tend to drop eventhough stricter quality controls are being put into place. I am awaiting for their job offer to test their food hahaha during the weekends. Famous dishes such as the Ham Dan Sotong are not to be missed and I am definitely dragging people along with me to try their Pork Ribs and Butter Crabs. (Not halal).

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Restaurant King Crab Part 1 @ Taman Mewah Jaya, PJ

I starred. Through my squinted eyes and a bad memory, i tried to gather the scenes when i saw him. He looked vaguely familiar, could it be the cousin i knew? As i approached him, he didnt seem to respond to my presence but at that split second i really thought i knew him.

Then i paused and greeted "Hi, Harry". He looked back and acknowledged with a nod. He didnt seem very please to see me eventhough i got his name correct. Who would blame him anyways? After all, he was on my dining plate.

Meet Harry aka Hairy Crab at RM88 a piece.

Enough of the story writing and firstly i must say, despite being the last food blogger in the blogosphere to savour the cooking from King Crab, the feeling sure feels damn good. No longer do i have to get tortured by evil souls telling me about their multiple orgasms from the seafood feast in King Crab because i can dare say, i have tried also.

This particular dinner was a slightly special one because i lost my virginity; my viriginity to hairy crabs. Since it was suppose to be a very memorable event, the best was served and it had to be the crabs from the famous Yang Cheng Lake. This crab comes with an identification tag which gives you a code to be smsed to a hotline to determine if it came from the waters of the clear water lake. Unfortunately, it is only applicable to China, so best of luck if you try your Maxis line. In order, we get the best deal, it was only logical to compare it to the so call "second best", Harry's cousin from Lake Tai which was certainly not cheap at RM78 a pop.

Definitely a very look alike, no wonder i thought this was Harry, or was that one Harry? Argh! They are all clones of Harry! (Hairy crabs from Tai Wu (Lake Tai; direct translation)

Apparently, it looks cruel and unappetizing to eat but contrary to how disgusting it looks, you are in heaven once you take a sniff of the fragant roe and allow the creamy smooth roe to linger in your taste buds awhile longer. The highlight of this smaller cousin to your usual meatier crabs lie in the bright orange roe that is evident once you split open the crab into two. The meat is also sugar sweet but is not exactly very meaty as you are made to work to cut up the claw and legs.

Beware as the gills and heart was not advised to be put into the mouth as it can get a bit too cooling, imagine winter without a jacket.

The challenge of the night was to determine the difference and why the ultimate title of best Hairy Crab belongs to Yang Cheng Lake but i guess my simplistic taste buds may not had the best of nights. To be honest, both crabs were very good, some said their roes were creamier but mine were equally creamier but the crab from the Yang Cheng Lake had a stronger aroma and at the same time, a thicker stream of roe.

End of the day, the Hairy Crabs were a great delight, an eye opener but if i were to experience tonight dinner again, i think i might save my RM 78 and RM 88 on the other exotic seafood available in the many tanks of King Crab.

So, is that it? Did you just meet Harry? Well obviously, the answer is no. Stay tuned as i post up on the other delights we had, haha man i am evil.

Just in case you cant wait..

Address and contact details:

No: 103-107, Jalan SS25/2
Taman Mewah Jaya
47301 Petaling Jaya

Tel: 03-78082388

Rating: Coming soon..