Sunday, December 10, 2006

Why cant you let me take photos in peace..?

I know some aliens out there probably thinking rite now...where are the pictures that this guy took during the dinner with his gf during her birthday?.. Thus the title of the topic..We had our sumptious dinner @ Gobos Upstairs situated on the 6th floor of Traders Hotel KL..

For some reason..we made our booking at 8 but i was so hungry we ended up there at 6.30..being the only table seated...there was so much attention given to if we were stars...not that its a bad thing...there were like 3 different staff asking if my meal is great...making sure our glasses were filled up with water...clearing our plates the second i finished the last piece...but that meant it look terribly funny when i took out my camera attempting to take a pic of my its clearly a problem..because i setted out to do a food take mouth watering pictures so i can share with everyone...but that moment of time i was simply a small little kid who just pooped in his pants...i just wasnt thick skinned enough to take the maybe if i had a 3.2megapixel camera phone..would that make it less embarassing perhaps?

So i guess for the next few reviews..i have to gather the courage to take some pics..or i might as well change it to a procrastination blog...oh have a read at my pictureless reviews as i try to use words to picture those declicious food i ate during the weekend

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