Monday, December 4, 2006

Ribslee's @ Desa Sri Hartamas

Ribs...Pork Ribs to be exact isnt exactly a very common thing to find in western cuisine i dare say..Well its because i find that the eating crowd as some what diversified over the years..Just compare the eating scene 20 years ago and now..and u find that alot more restaurants try very hard to get their halal status so they can accomodate the growing society of Malays/Muslims who enjoy food as much as we Chinese have been all this while.

So first of all, it very big thank you to Riblee's for sacrificing that crowd so that the rest can enjoy those sumptious pork ribs hmmm yumm!..Well i came across this place a while ago from reading various food blogs and on the newspaper and this in fact the second time i have gone there hehe... So have a look at the crap photos i took with my handphone and let me give my review..

Bombay Pepper Ribs? (RM 29)
Now the baby back ribs is drizzled with good black pepper sauce and it comes with good french fries, half a tomato and a corn in the cob..Guess what...theres a nice surprise under the chips...Well...should i reveal it or not? Let you guys find out yourself! m i not evil...?

Next up is the St louis Ribs (RM 33)
Supposedly this is cooked the same way as their signature baby back ribs but using a richer and thicker cut of ribs...I enjoy this very much..and i managed to have half of it because my poor gf just gave up after she saw the enormous portion! Lesson learnt...bring a friend who cant eat much!

Greedy gf not being satisfied with 2 main meals, couldnt resist their tequila chicken wings!..(RM 16.80) There were spicy and sumptious and tasted awesome with the pieces of lime...just like how you should drink a tequila..

For the final opinion...overall the servings are huge and the mains are value for money..but if the owner of Riblee's ever hear this..i reckon your appetizers are abit too steep...if it was abit cheaper albeit smaller portions..maybe more people would try out your awesome chicken wings..Good job with the deco and the food...keep up the good work and by the way i think your ribs just beats the 1s down at Sticky fingers...

Rating: 8/10 ( if you ever offer a discount on your appetizers, i might consider a change in the score)
Damage dealt: RM 60pls a person...ouch!
Where is it? Down at Wisma desa sri hartamas...pass by the BIG ASS True fitness and its on your left just before you reach the Projet petrol station..

Disclaimer: This is only my opinion...just read and if you want to judge further look at the pics. Whether you want to go or not go, its up to you and its not like i will point a gun at you.. so dont procrastinate to me if its crap but i wouldnt mind a "thank you" if you thought i was right and the food was delicious...Peace.


Anonymous said...

I just returned from this restaurant. The restaurant signage is the worst - might as well not have one coz it's so small none of us saw it until we asked the parking attendant!

The ribs were good and none were disappointed. However the starters were disappointing, especially the wild mushroom soup which was too diluted and tasted nothing like WILD mushroom.

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