Thursday, December 7, 2006

On A Special Mission..

I just realised that i have been posting up only on Mondays...and the lets break the spell and try to blog more often...It has been bought to my attention that my other half's birthday is on SATURDAY!! stay tuned with my sumptious photos that i will take on our awesome dinner..

But lets get back to topic...after watchin James Bond last weekend...i felt as if i was on a mission myself on i wondered aimlessly around the Bintang area searching for a present...its just the same with Bond trying to find the villian...although on a much milder scale..
So after getting some opinions...i finally decided and in fact just managed to get hold of it just now in another place...due to low stock..hmmmm

So since its a special mission...there is an embargo of course...till i give the present to her...hehe...When i first wrote the title of this post..i thought i could give it a go by doing a creative essay...i guess its been way too long since year 11 and i m not exactly in the mood to write a 500 word essay on how a man got caught in the rain all wet so he could get himself to the Bintang area to find a present for his girlfriend and word it as if i was an Amazing Race contestant trying to find the correct toilet cubicle in the area...oh well till next time!

PS. Off friend asked me that day where she could get Viet honestly i havent tried is abit of a rare cuisine to get around here..but i have tried two places..VietPassion Vietnamese Fine Cuisine @ Chulan Square...the food is pretty good but pricewise you are looking at around 50 a person incl starters and desserts...well the second place is Pho Hoa @ The Curve..its more of a beef noodle place situated in a corner if not mistaken behind Kenny good luck in satisfying your Viet food cravings..!

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