Monday, November 27, 2006

Monday Blues..

You know there are days when you just cant wait to get back to work after being fully re-energized and there are days when you just dont want to step into the office..Well today is one of the blues..For some reason..i have been switched on to holiday mode..and the problem isnt coming till next month..thus the big problem.. somehow after a hectic has all sort of chilled and the work has stopped coming in..just pieces here n there to pick up..worse still everyone in the office except for a few look the same..its as if this holiday disease has just spread to the whole firm...

Its just like a 400m race..there are four quarters..the first quarter u pace yourself so you wont burnt out..its just like the start of the financial do alot of marketing work and trying to get pumped up...then the second quarter..things pick up are more aware of your competitors but somehow you still need to reserve some energy and chill because theres another 200m more to go...i guess i am at this stage at the moment..i have worked my ass off...and i m chilling at the moment...but its not as if the race is over...before i know it the 3rd quarter has started and the managers will work our butts off to reach their KPIs and finally the last 100m you sprint till the very end to our bonus! i cant wait for that...

I probably can procastinate on and on about life...but i will end the post with what happen at 5.30 today...which is on a happy note... after 6 odd weeks i finally got my pay slip! furthermore, the firm just announced that next month pay will come out before christmas!...i am starting to feel abit itchy with shopping and eating now...i cant wait..lets say they really have their ways to get rid of my monday blues..

By the way...i am sorry this was a non-related craving post haha...because theres really no cravings to report what..what can i do?

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