Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Kedai Kopi Dan Makan Seong Kee @ Taman Connaught

On a pleasant Wednesday morning, instead of waking up at 6am and dragging myself to work, i find myself sleeping away because i am on MC..It seems i had an eye allergy which my friends speculate is from peeping at too much god knows what but definitely not cute girls because they are quite non-existent in my firm despite the good reputation it has. So what could i do to pass the day away?

Coincidentally the night before, i satisified my cravings for chee cheong fun to only develop another one for "economy" dim sum. But who was i suppose to go with at 8am for dim sum? So of i searched and found two friends, one that was also on MC and another one who didnt give a damn about work.

So off we went to my first restaurant review....drums roll...Seong Kee in Tmn Connaught. My two friends was telling me about this place where they serve cheap dimsum "old school" style, so off we went.

Now if you are familiar with Cheras, you will know that there is a brand new enormous Giant supermarket opened in that area. So head in that direction till you see this signboard.

Turn left and in you will stumble upon the place where i laid my hands on my hidden treasures..

I know the signboard is not clear but anyways hope you get the feel...Now being three enormous gluttons we are...i manage to take like a couple of photos before i forgot to take pictures of every if you want to drool all over your screen or curious to what we had...scroll down and enjoy my cravings of the day..

I started with the stuff eggplant/brinjal while waiting..yum..

Assorted dumplings and pork ribs...

Theres stuffed chilli..custard bun and 'chan pau'...tomato fish paste...'wu kok' (fried yam puff)..char siu pau..chicken feet..

Har Gau and Siu me..these pieces represent "hk dim sum"..the pioneer pieces before all the different kinds came about..

Now what about this place..theres nothing really special..but if you find yourself waking up really early on a weekend..wanting to eat dim sum..having a chat with friends while you eat a piece of "har kao" (shrimp dumpling) all means i recommend all of you to give this a try..but just dont turn up hoping that you will get "hotel quality" the saying goes "you pay what you get"..

Now if i was to choose the best would be the carrot cake (lo pak koh) and the char siu bao (pork bun)...and unfortunately the egg tart did not make the grade at all for me...

So...the final RM20 a person which includeds lots of dim sum and tea...its worth a 6 out of 10..considering it was a craving after all...yum yum..

All finished and satisfied hehe....

Disclaimer: This is only my opinion...just read and if you want to judge further look at the pics. Whether you want to go or not go, its up to you and its not like i will point a gun at you.. so dont procrastinate to me if its crap but i wouldnt mind a "thank you" if you thought i was right and the food was delicious...Peace.


Ruben said...

hmmm... dejavu?

pinkpainter said...

Hi! I been there b4

jessbabe said...

I was there on few days ago. I still think Seong Kee is still one of the worthy dim sum restaurant for coffee shop style..