Saturday, November 25, 2006

Indi Nadarah & Allan Perera @ Comedy Court

My ticket to a dangerously high dosage of laughter

Well..its been a couple of days since i created this blog..havent told anyone about this yet..but it came across my mind.. am i just talking to myself everytime i put up a new post...its i m wondering if anyone can hear me?? is they a single soul that can say a "hi" so I wont be so lonely maybe? Recently, my cravings were out of the time i realise that i should be snapping photos of my was all in my let me try this weekend as i try to post a few pictures and maybe share with you another culinary adventure.

But what i am going to share with you is a non-food related craving..a craving for laughter..presenting to you what Comedy Court presented to us INDI NADARAH & ALLAN PERERA..@ The Actors Studio @ Bangsar Shopping Centre.

It was basically a standup comedy performed by two very talented and crude comedians with three different scenarios and a nice song towards the end. Now, if you are into the news as in you read the newspaper everyday, you realise that their jokes are not stale, they incorporate the latest happenings such as the UMNO general assembly, the rivalry between Tun and Pak Lah, the three different races in Malaysia and lots more. It was hilarious to see two indians (i think) to speak like a Malay,Indian and a Chinese..Although the show was abit short (1 hour and abit), the jokes that churned out was probably faster then i can eat (i can eat really fast)..

Not to spoil it just in case you are reading this and you want to go..i think they might have a couple more are some jokes i laughed at and actually remembered:-

Loh Poh (Wife) you all eaten yet? Ok Ok.. I tapau (take away) supper ok? Siew Mai? Siew Pau(Pork Bun) you want? But i think better not..your Siew Pau nicer la...Aiyah naughty naughty..luckily i married you..

The indians shout but they dont bite..The chinese dont shout but they may bite..but the malays? they shout and bite because they have the right!

Now lets hope i dont get caught by actually posting it..HaHa..

The verdict for RM 52 albeit abit steep but actually a great stress reliever..i give it a 7.5 out of 10.

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