Sunday, November 26, 2006

Edo Jo @ Desa Sri Hartamas

The location of my culinary adventure

There even have a map!

It was a good old rainy Saturday evening, when i was interrupted from my family shouted "Dinner Time!!"...So being half asleep..i got up and went out for dinner..It was only half way out to town that i realised no one has told me where to drive i ask wheres dinner?..someone said er...another said dunno...then my thick skin sister said "Jap food!" my father is the finance minister so it was up to him to give the as the car crawled slowly to the middle of nowhere he said "yea..thought u say u know a place in Hartamas?"..

Now..i always had a soft spot for Japanese food for some reason...i love it..i mean i can eat it every meal of the day for the rest of my life..i wonder if i was a japanese in my last life...hehehe..
Back to the Edo Jo..I am a gym member in True Fitness @ Hartamas and the restaurant is at the shoplot behind the gym..

I still remembered the first time i went there was by coincidence, i was suppose to go to another place but that place had closed down feeling adventurous.. i went inside Edo Jo and loved it ever since..

So back to the place..its basically a small humble restaurant opened by a lady..i believe shes Chinese and her husband probably one of the chefs in the kitchen thus the Japanese name shes got on the name card posted above..Its a regular among Japanese expats as the few times i been there i only hear people speaking Japanese and nothing else!

Playing around with my camera while waiting

So back to food...Being a sashimi lover...i order the Chirashi Sushi (RM38)..The fish is fresh but i would say i had better, theres a variety of fish but theres only one slice of each =( The sushi chef does a good job with the arrangement and for that i think he deserves a round of applause!

My sister had the Rice with Green Tea and Salmon (RM 16)...She said it was delicious..till i couldnt get a bite and before i knew it she even finished the soup!

My mom ordered the cod fish teriyaki style (RM 28) ... It came with a rice, salad and miso soup..I must say although the fish was abit on the thin side, its quite a deal but sadly she started eating before i could snap a photo hehe...

Next up my dad had the Beef something..forgot the name sorry hehe..imagine katsudon style with much more sauce and its beef in a pot...@ RM 28 also...The soup was tasty till some might say it may be abit salty..but the beef was aplenty and was thinly well sliced..

Last main meal to talk about is my brothers Saba Misoni @ RM 22..Two decent pieces of saba cooked in miso...tasted kinda cool...a different style of cooking then the typical grill or fried..

Lastly, we shared a soft shell crab maki @ RM 24.. It was a favourite among everyone..Though they seem abit stingy with the fish roe..makes me wonder if they are really stingy or the places that serves them plentiful are serving some other kind of roe..hmm i smell somethin fishy..

Overall, a very good dinner with thumbs up from my family...Being a biased person of this place i rate this a 8.5 out of 10...minus the 1.5 because they seem to be stingy on the fish and the fish roe hehe...Do try out this place if you happen to pass by..

All wiped up!

Disclaimer: This is only my opinion...just read and if you want to judge further look at the pics. Whether you want to go or not go, its up to you and its not like i will point a gun at you.. so dont procrastinate to me if its crap but i wouldnt mind a "thank you" if you thought i was right and the food was delicious...Peace.

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