Friday, December 15, 2006

Tai Zhi Heen @ Prince Hotel

Well this long awaited post is finally here...mainly because i am riding on the waves of pictureless reviews and still racking my brain on how to make it mouthwatering..well as the saying goes a picture says a thousand words..imagine 5000 words just for a bloody review! my god i can write a thesis!

Ok around two Saturdays ago, my gf craved dim sum real bad..and after the original plan was to go to Sunway Hotel with another two frens was scrapped..the fellow ffk...we decided to leave that for another time and headed to the city..well i m a huge fan of "char leong" in another words "yau char kuai" wrapped with chee cheong i hope u get the picture here...and read in the newspaper that renaissance hotel was serving it on their dim sum off we went and realise at 11.30 they didnt open!..not a single staff at the entrance...not a single staff inside the restaurant as well...imagine my face...i innocently paid RM 6 for parking because we couldnt be bothered waiting.. So off to my final destination thus my review...

Prince Hotel...Dim sum here is not your old fashion HK style...its more fusion...very creative...but at the same time they do go back to their original roots with their har kau and siu mai...unfortunately its HALAL...meaning no pork in their siu mai...So what did I had that was so impressive?

First of all..theres a dimsum menu..just like as if you enter Chillis or Victoria have the dim sum separated by recommendations..steam..fried...cheong thats a first..because normally they just come in trolleys or you have a list and you just tick what you want...

Then the prices...imagine my face when i realise that the cheapest plate was RM9 ! Thats almost 1.5 times Mandarin Oriental my...But on to their dim sum...its been some time and i havent got any fotos..but i remember i had this plate for RM 15...comes in 2 pieces..delicate piece of work as the dumpling is topped with two colours of fish roe on top of a nice succelent piece of scallop before you sink your teeth to the juicy prawns..definitely an eye opener...another piece of fusion was under their fried section...unagi spring rolls...served as a thin long "popiah" you bite into the roll...the unagi flavours burst out..and if thats not enough you got "hoi sin" sauce to enhance the flavours...holy cow..i think i just tasted heaven...but i was thrown back to Earth the minute i realise the puny 3 pieces cost me RM 14!..

Well done with the specials, i will just run through what else we had...the har kau and siu mai was good...decently priced i suppose going for RM 9 -11 for 4 pieces..i heard they do 5 or 6 pieces if per se you have 5-6 people eating and you dont exactly want two plates because that equals 8...The prawn chee cheong fun was good...the rolls were not too thick...the sauce not too salty..the chilli oil that came with it not too spicy...Then a few more that i can bearly remember..haha..

So what was the damage..considering even the most insensitive people...there was alot of mention of prices..thus very expensive is the conclusion...Around 60pls a person and honestly i was only around half full..for someone myself you cant blame me..if dim sum only comes in dainty pieces...But a good score...i give it a 8/10 mainly..there was no pork..and you know even the best chef cant make good siu mai without pork...but that means all you Muslims get to share my craving for Dim Sum with me in Tai Zhi Heen..well we lose some..we win some...So do give it a is open around 12pm on Saturdays..probably Sundays...

Disclaimer: I cant be f*cked...

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Gobos Upstairs @ Traders Hotel KL

Now if you have read below...the event was my gf birthday...and it is pictureless...So lets get right to it...its a beautiful place...with a very modern setting...there are several open kitchens with see through glass that will allow you to see if the chefs might have add abit of unwanted flavour on your food hehe...

So looking at the menu...there have a reasonable selection..not the biggest menu you will see..but enough to get your tummy growling on what you want to eat...there have a variety of sauces for their steaks and talking about steaks theres a variety of cuts as well...but prices start from around RM 60-100...and it hasnt been a good month for i choose somethin lighter...

So starters...we had a vension carpaccio and a salmon 'cerviche'...awesome two appetizers there were...the carpaccio was really thinly sliced..and esp for people who doesnt like eating raw didnt taste was sweet...accompanied with pumpkin mash and truffle oil..awesome piece of art...the was abit of a tartare..meaning raw mash of salmon we had a pretty big piece of free bread...we ate the bread with it...for those who dont like fishy things...its a no no..but i loved it all the same...

So mains...i had a vegetarian mushroom rissotto and my gf had the ribs...The rissotto was abit raw.. i would have prefered my rice to be abit more cooked...more mushrooms would be good as well..but the concept of putting fresh rocket leaves in my rissotto that was pretty new..but i think i still prefer the one @ Pregos in Westin...but after all its only RM 19 vs RM lets not compare...The ribs were done in a diff class and style then the ones we had @ Riblee's..Supposedly cooked for 8 hrs in alcohol made it tender...and the sauce had a big hint of red wine...very tender..very tender is all i can say...for only RM 32..

Came to the dessert...although its not on the menu..the chef does a dessert sampler for RM 24..they say it depends on her mood...whether she wants to give you cake...or shit..i suppose its up to on that nite we had a sample of 4 diff almond mousse...strong flavour of almond..abit like the HK dimsum almond beancurd actually...a lemon cheesecake..abit dry to my taste loved it...a chocolate pecan pie topped with mango sauce...sounds odd..but man those two were made for each other....lastly chocolate mousse topped with kiwi and coconut sprinklings...served in a huge platter...the middle had a serve of fruits cut up in sticks...just wondering...looking at the size of each gf was just wondering if it was nicked from a high tea buffet hehe...oh well its still good nevertheless...

So what was the dmg dealt? For starters a bottle of stilled water costs us RM 19 so i guess we should have ordered something more special for that money...that was a downside i guess for people who wants to cut cost and ending up paying more for RM 80 plus per get a great atmosphere..awesome settings and service...and good food...this is worth the 8.5 or 9/10..what do you think?..well maybe the next time i drop by for their famous steaks...i might have the courage to take a picture or two...

you know i am quite sick of putting a sue me if you want hehe..

Why cant you let me take photos in peace..?

I know some aliens out there probably thinking rite now...where are the pictures that this guy took during the dinner with his gf during her birthday?.. Thus the title of the topic..We had our sumptious dinner @ Gobos Upstairs situated on the 6th floor of Traders Hotel KL..

For some reason..we made our booking at 8 but i was so hungry we ended up there at 6.30..being the only table seated...there was so much attention given to if we were stars...not that its a bad thing...there were like 3 different staff asking if my meal is great...making sure our glasses were filled up with water...clearing our plates the second i finished the last piece...but that meant it look terribly funny when i took out my camera attempting to take a pic of my its clearly a problem..because i setted out to do a food take mouth watering pictures so i can share with everyone...but that moment of time i was simply a small little kid who just pooped in his pants...i just wasnt thick skinned enough to take the maybe if i had a 3.2megapixel camera phone..would that make it less embarassing perhaps?

So i guess for the next few reviews..i have to gather the courage to take some pics..or i might as well change it to a procrastination blog...oh have a read at my pictureless reviews as i try to use words to picture those declicious food i ate during the weekend

Saturday, December 9, 2006

Why do they call it FAST FOOD??

I dont understand the concept of Fast Food... To me it means its fast, convenient and unhealthy..full stop..but just today i was contradicted real bad.. First of food means the queue moves along fast and as everything is ready-made..But no...infact i waited bloody twenty minutes despite 7 counters! Now thats not very fast...

Convenient...Have they ever wondered how convenient it will be for you to be alone and happening to take away a value meal and proceed to drive back to your office to eat?? I guess not...because i asked them if they could give me a can of coke for takeaway..they said no...instead they gave me in a plastic cup...and i had no secure place to put it in my i ended up having one fifth of it spill to the french fries and the burger...

Last but not least...unhealthy...If it is so damn unhealthy...why in the world are people still eating it? Do they think their lifespan is too long? Or do they think they look attractive with their big bellies and XXL t shirts? For information, i was just there to take away on the request of someone else...not me..

Well i guess thats life then...When its fast...its never fast...when theres a way to irritate the shit out of will always get pissed off...and when its always more appealing to eat that then a big bowl of green salad with no dressing...

Oh well...phew...i think i already feel better after procrastinating...i guess the current craving is not food..but to complain hahaha...oh well at least it means another day has passed by and another day closer to my well deserved holiday

Friday, December 8, 2006

The Best Tiramisu one can find smack right in KL..

If you had been hardworking enough to scroll down to realise that my girlfriend birthday is probably realise what i m getting particular her favourite cake..Tiramisu..

So well what makes a darn good Tiramisu...i dunno? it really depends on your tastebuds actually but i have come up with a short listing of some of fine tasting Tiramisu i had so far...So here are the nominees...

Marmalade @ Desa Sri Hartamas - Served in a cup...the real deal but the cheap sweet chocolate sauce they put on top really put it off...
Dome @ Almost any shopping centre - Served by the slice..i bought this for my gf...i must say its very good..although i think the fridge was abit too cold so the cream or the mascarpone cheese layer felt abit like melted ice..
Sun Moulin @ KLCC Isetan and 1UTAMA - Didnt make the grade for me...tasted like coffee flavour sponge cake...
Coffee Bean @ Almost any shopping centre - If my palates serve me correctly because its been awhile since i had was pretty good...i probably put it in the middle of Dome and Sun Moulin..
Moussandra @ KL Plaza - I think i have found the winner...perfectly chilled and served in a cup..every spoonful is bursting with flavour..the ladyfingers (sponge cake) is just nice...playing the secondary role and of course the primary role belongs to the mascarpone cheese and the espresso flavour..

So i guess thats it so far... What do you guys think? Have a try or drop me a comment if you think you found better...Hmmmm the taste of Tiramisu is still lingering in my mouth eventhough i brushed my teeth...

Thursday, December 7, 2006

On A Special Mission..

I just realised that i have been posting up only on Mondays...and the lets break the spell and try to blog more often...It has been bought to my attention that my other half's birthday is on SATURDAY!! stay tuned with my sumptious photos that i will take on our awesome dinner..

But lets get back to topic...after watchin James Bond last weekend...i felt as if i was on a mission myself on i wondered aimlessly around the Bintang area searching for a present...its just the same with Bond trying to find the villian...although on a much milder scale..
So after getting some opinions...i finally decided and in fact just managed to get hold of it just now in another place...due to low stock..hmmmm

So since its a special mission...there is an embargo of course...till i give the present to her...hehe...When i first wrote the title of this post..i thought i could give it a go by doing a creative essay...i guess its been way too long since year 11 and i m not exactly in the mood to write a 500 word essay on how a man got caught in the rain all wet so he could get himself to the Bintang area to find a present for his girlfriend and word it as if i was an Amazing Race contestant trying to find the correct toilet cubicle in the area...oh well till next time!

PS. Off friend asked me that day where she could get Viet honestly i havent tried is abit of a rare cuisine to get around here..but i have tried two places..VietPassion Vietnamese Fine Cuisine @ Chulan Square...the food is pretty good but pricewise you are looking at around 50 a person incl starters and desserts...well the second place is Pho Hoa @ The Curve..its more of a beef noodle place situated in a corner if not mistaken behind Kenny good luck in satisfying your Viet food cravings..!

Monday, December 4, 2006

Ribslee's @ Desa Sri Hartamas

Ribs...Pork Ribs to be exact isnt exactly a very common thing to find in western cuisine i dare say..Well its because i find that the eating crowd as some what diversified over the years..Just compare the eating scene 20 years ago and now..and u find that alot more restaurants try very hard to get their halal status so they can accomodate the growing society of Malays/Muslims who enjoy food as much as we Chinese have been all this while.

So first of all, it very big thank you to Riblee's for sacrificing that crowd so that the rest can enjoy those sumptious pork ribs hmmm yumm!..Well i came across this place a while ago from reading various food blogs and on the newspaper and this in fact the second time i have gone there hehe... So have a look at the crap photos i took with my handphone and let me give my review..

Bombay Pepper Ribs? (RM 29)
Now the baby back ribs is drizzled with good black pepper sauce and it comes with good french fries, half a tomato and a corn in the cob..Guess what...theres a nice surprise under the chips...Well...should i reveal it or not? Let you guys find out yourself! m i not evil...?

Next up is the St louis Ribs (RM 33)
Supposedly this is cooked the same way as their signature baby back ribs but using a richer and thicker cut of ribs...I enjoy this very much..and i managed to have half of it because my poor gf just gave up after she saw the enormous portion! Lesson learnt...bring a friend who cant eat much!

Greedy gf not being satisfied with 2 main meals, couldnt resist their tequila chicken wings!..(RM 16.80) There were spicy and sumptious and tasted awesome with the pieces of lime...just like how you should drink a tequila..

For the final opinion...overall the servings are huge and the mains are value for money..but if the owner of Riblee's ever hear this..i reckon your appetizers are abit too steep...if it was abit cheaper albeit smaller portions..maybe more people would try out your awesome chicken wings..Good job with the deco and the food...keep up the good work and by the way i think your ribs just beats the 1s down at Sticky fingers...

Rating: 8/10 ( if you ever offer a discount on your appetizers, i might consider a change in the score)
Damage dealt: RM 60pls a person...ouch!
Where is it? Down at Wisma desa sri hartamas...pass by the BIG ASS True fitness and its on your left just before you reach the Projet petrol station..

Disclaimer: This is only my opinion...just read and if you want to judge further look at the pics. Whether you want to go or not go, its up to you and its not like i will point a gun at you.. so dont procrastinate to me if its crap but i wouldnt mind a "thank you" if you thought i was right and the food was delicious...Peace.

How you wish some wishes wont come true..

A good harlo to whoever is reading my blog rite now...i m probably just saying hello to the wall..but oh well better then last post..i procrastinate that work was gettin slow because of the festive season and how i wish my workload could be abit i wish i didnt say has been a very long week...trying very hard to work wif some managers with open minds but still i havent gone a single clue how some ppl can be so narrow-minded and forgetful at that level of management!...i wonder if thats the reason why they are always there...

I have been trying very hard to take pictures..but alas my camera is being comfy in a tiny corner of my room..thus i always forget to bring it with where have i gone all this while?? Well have a read...its been a good weekend...but how i wish i could have got abit more sleep...but it was a good MEGA SALE in malaysia right now...and i cant seem to stop my shopping itch at the moment..probably will last till the day my whole month salary is gone in that damn shopping mall hahaha...

Thats it for now...lets hope work gives me abit more time to seat down and relax so hopefully i can post another here n there for the wall...

Monday, November 27, 2006

Monday Blues..

You know there are days when you just cant wait to get back to work after being fully re-energized and there are days when you just dont want to step into the office..Well today is one of the blues..For some reason..i have been switched on to holiday mode..and the problem isnt coming till next month..thus the big problem.. somehow after a hectic has all sort of chilled and the work has stopped coming in..just pieces here n there to pick up..worse still everyone in the office except for a few look the same..its as if this holiday disease has just spread to the whole firm...

Its just like a 400m race..there are four quarters..the first quarter u pace yourself so you wont burnt out..its just like the start of the financial do alot of marketing work and trying to get pumped up...then the second quarter..things pick up are more aware of your competitors but somehow you still need to reserve some energy and chill because theres another 200m more to go...i guess i am at this stage at the moment..i have worked my ass off...and i m chilling at the moment...but its not as if the race is over...before i know it the 3rd quarter has started and the managers will work our butts off to reach their KPIs and finally the last 100m you sprint till the very end to our bonus! i cant wait for that...

I probably can procastinate on and on about life...but i will end the post with what happen at 5.30 today...which is on a happy note... after 6 odd weeks i finally got my pay slip! furthermore, the firm just announced that next month pay will come out before christmas!...i am starting to feel abit itchy with shopping and eating now...i cant wait..lets say they really have their ways to get rid of my monday blues..

By the way...i am sorry this was a non-related craving post haha...because theres really no cravings to report what..what can i do?

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Edo Jo @ Desa Sri Hartamas

The location of my culinary adventure

There even have a map!

It was a good old rainy Saturday evening, when i was interrupted from my family shouted "Dinner Time!!"...So being half asleep..i got up and went out for dinner..It was only half way out to town that i realised no one has told me where to drive i ask wheres dinner?..someone said er...another said dunno...then my thick skin sister said "Jap food!" my father is the finance minister so it was up to him to give the as the car crawled slowly to the middle of nowhere he said "yea..thought u say u know a place in Hartamas?"..

Now..i always had a soft spot for Japanese food for some reason...i love it..i mean i can eat it every meal of the day for the rest of my life..i wonder if i was a japanese in my last life...hehehe..
Back to the Edo Jo..I am a gym member in True Fitness @ Hartamas and the restaurant is at the shoplot behind the gym..

I still remembered the first time i went there was by coincidence, i was suppose to go to another place but that place had closed down feeling adventurous.. i went inside Edo Jo and loved it ever since..

So back to the place..its basically a small humble restaurant opened by a lady..i believe shes Chinese and her husband probably one of the chefs in the kitchen thus the Japanese name shes got on the name card posted above..Its a regular among Japanese expats as the few times i been there i only hear people speaking Japanese and nothing else!

Playing around with my camera while waiting

So back to food...Being a sashimi lover...i order the Chirashi Sushi (RM38)..The fish is fresh but i would say i had better, theres a variety of fish but theres only one slice of each =( The sushi chef does a good job with the arrangement and for that i think he deserves a round of applause!

My sister had the Rice with Green Tea and Salmon (RM 16)...She said it was delicious..till i couldnt get a bite and before i knew it she even finished the soup!

My mom ordered the cod fish teriyaki style (RM 28) ... It came with a rice, salad and miso soup..I must say although the fish was abit on the thin side, its quite a deal but sadly she started eating before i could snap a photo hehe...

Next up my dad had the Beef something..forgot the name sorry hehe..imagine katsudon style with much more sauce and its beef in a pot...@ RM 28 also...The soup was tasty till some might say it may be abit salty..but the beef was aplenty and was thinly well sliced..

Last main meal to talk about is my brothers Saba Misoni @ RM 22..Two decent pieces of saba cooked in miso...tasted kinda cool...a different style of cooking then the typical grill or fried..

Lastly, we shared a soft shell crab maki @ RM 24.. It was a favourite among everyone..Though they seem abit stingy with the fish roe..makes me wonder if they are really stingy or the places that serves them plentiful are serving some other kind of roe..hmm i smell somethin fishy..

Overall, a very good dinner with thumbs up from my family...Being a biased person of this place i rate this a 8.5 out of 10...minus the 1.5 because they seem to be stingy on the fish and the fish roe hehe...Do try out this place if you happen to pass by..

All wiped up!

Disclaimer: This is only my opinion...just read and if you want to judge further look at the pics. Whether you want to go or not go, its up to you and its not like i will point a gun at you.. so dont procrastinate to me if its crap but i wouldnt mind a "thank you" if you thought i was right and the food was delicious...Peace.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Indi Nadarah & Allan Perera @ Comedy Court

My ticket to a dangerously high dosage of laughter

Well..its been a couple of days since i created this blog..havent told anyone about this yet..but it came across my mind.. am i just talking to myself everytime i put up a new post...its i m wondering if anyone can hear me?? is they a single soul that can say a "hi" so I wont be so lonely maybe? Recently, my cravings were out of the time i realise that i should be snapping photos of my was all in my let me try this weekend as i try to post a few pictures and maybe share with you another culinary adventure.

But what i am going to share with you is a non-food related craving..a craving for laughter..presenting to you what Comedy Court presented to us INDI NADARAH & ALLAN PERERA..@ The Actors Studio @ Bangsar Shopping Centre.

It was basically a standup comedy performed by two very talented and crude comedians with three different scenarios and a nice song towards the end. Now, if you are into the news as in you read the newspaper everyday, you realise that their jokes are not stale, they incorporate the latest happenings such as the UMNO general assembly, the rivalry between Tun and Pak Lah, the three different races in Malaysia and lots more. It was hilarious to see two indians (i think) to speak like a Malay,Indian and a Chinese..Although the show was abit short (1 hour and abit), the jokes that churned out was probably faster then i can eat (i can eat really fast)..

Not to spoil it just in case you are reading this and you want to go..i think they might have a couple more are some jokes i laughed at and actually remembered:-

Loh Poh (Wife) you all eaten yet? Ok Ok.. I tapau (take away) supper ok? Siew Mai? Siew Pau(Pork Bun) you want? But i think better not..your Siew Pau nicer la...Aiyah naughty naughty..luckily i married you..

The indians shout but they dont bite..The chinese dont shout but they may bite..but the malays? they shout and bite because they have the right!

Now lets hope i dont get caught by actually posting it..HaHa..

The verdict for RM 52 albeit abit steep but actually a great stress reliever..i give it a 7.5 out of 10.


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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Kedai Kopi Dan Makan Seong Kee @ Taman Connaught

On a pleasant Wednesday morning, instead of waking up at 6am and dragging myself to work, i find myself sleeping away because i am on MC..It seems i had an eye allergy which my friends speculate is from peeping at too much god knows what but definitely not cute girls because they are quite non-existent in my firm despite the good reputation it has. So what could i do to pass the day away?

Coincidentally the night before, i satisified my cravings for chee cheong fun to only develop another one for "economy" dim sum. But who was i suppose to go with at 8am for dim sum? So of i searched and found two friends, one that was also on MC and another one who didnt give a damn about work.

So off we went to my first restaurant review....drums roll...Seong Kee in Tmn Connaught. My two friends was telling me about this place where they serve cheap dimsum "old school" style, so off we went.

Now if you are familiar with Cheras, you will know that there is a brand new enormous Giant supermarket opened in that area. So head in that direction till you see this signboard.

Turn left and in you will stumble upon the place where i laid my hands on my hidden treasures..

I know the signboard is not clear but anyways hope you get the feel...Now being three enormous gluttons we are...i manage to take like a couple of photos before i forgot to take pictures of every if you want to drool all over your screen or curious to what we had...scroll down and enjoy my cravings of the day..

I started with the stuff eggplant/brinjal while waiting..yum..

Assorted dumplings and pork ribs...

Theres stuffed chilli..custard bun and 'chan pau'...tomato fish paste...'wu kok' (fried yam puff)..char siu pau..chicken feet..

Har Gau and Siu me..these pieces represent "hk dim sum"..the pioneer pieces before all the different kinds came about..

Now what about this place..theres nothing really special..but if you find yourself waking up really early on a weekend..wanting to eat dim sum..having a chat with friends while you eat a piece of "har kao" (shrimp dumpling) all means i recommend all of you to give this a try..but just dont turn up hoping that you will get "hotel quality" the saying goes "you pay what you get"..

Now if i was to choose the best would be the carrot cake (lo pak koh) and the char siu bao (pork bun)...and unfortunately the egg tart did not make the grade at all for me...

So...the final RM20 a person which includeds lots of dim sum and tea...its worth a 6 out of 10..considering it was a craving after all...yum yum..

All finished and satisfied hehe....

Disclaimer: This is only my opinion...just read and if you want to judge further look at the pics. Whether you want to go or not go, its up to you and its not like i will point a gun at you.. so dont procrastinate to me if its crap but i wouldnt mind a "thank you" if you thought i was right and the food was delicious...Peace.

OMG My First Post

Welcome to my humble little space on the internet. I have always been a person who loves to eat, regardless whether i was almost 120kgs or even after losing weight at a better 90 kgs.

Now recently, i started to develop alot of cravings.. i think it must be my lunch buddy. A couple of months back, when she was pregnant and almost due, she started craving for all kinds of food 24 hours a day. Now that shes given birth to another "casanova", shes stopped and these "cravinitis" has passed on to me till science develops until they figure out how to make a man pregnant and give birth, if not looks like i will be stuck with my cravings for the time being. So without rambling on anymore, I have decided to follow the trend and share with you all on the places that i seek to satisfy my hunger, cravings and love of food. Enjoy..

CrAvInGs of a PreGnAnT maN